Blog Bull Shit 2017 Part 1 - The handle thief

Since starting my blog 3 years ago, 2017 so far seems to be the cake topper for great blog friendships and blog bullshit.

In this post I want to focus on the blog bull shit and I have two main instances of this mess. One I will blog about in this post cuz it will get very long. The other look out for it soon.
I have thought about writing this so many times and I just stopped because I didnt want to 'hurt anyone's feelings'. F*&k feelings, Im calling out all the bull shit today thanks to NellyB for motivating this move.
Some of you might call me petty betty but I could care less. She needed to be called out.

Get your own SHIT!

On September 4th I found out a nail swatcher changed her IG handle to basically match mine (yeah it look me long to do this). You can think the name was cute or whatever, but my handle has meaning to it, not just a "Oh I thought it was cute so I copied yours because my previous handle was some long ass shit name"...

This change came right after this person started following me. At the time I didnt realize that she replied to me and you can see she swapped 'box' for 'bottle'. The handle you see in my comment, is the name they carried before.
When I decided on a name for my nail polish IG blog, I made sure to check around the internet doing my Googles (lol) to make sure I wasnt stealing any body's name or encroaching on it. You would want to have your own identity as a blogger and a name that makes you stand out! Truth be told there are other account names with the 'All that and a ...' BUT THERE IS NO BODY IN THE NAIL COMMUNITY WITH A NAME EVEN CLOSE!
So this woman decides that she would change her name to be 'ALL THAT AND A BOTTLE OF POLISH'.
My handle is 'ALL THAT AND A BOX OF POLISH'. Here are screen shots of the conversation when I called her out on it. Her name is blocked out cuz... well I thought it was the right thing to do.
So it was ok to see someone else with something and want that too? That's called coveting ma'am. After about a week I decided to check up on this woman and some sense hit her.

First of all, why are you larger accounts always trying trample on smaller accounts and yes you have 1500 followers but it makes it seem as if, I copied you since you where blogging before me.
I agree that clearly we wouldnt get mistaken for one another because 'Im black and you are white?'Dont make me laugh woman. I brought it to your attention because it WAS BOTHERING ME so you not seeing it was an 'issue for both of us, is selfish. Are you not seeing my point of view?

That last bit with her dragging someone else into this didnt make no sense so I would even bother.


I un-followed her days before this back and forth, I guess she didnt realize. Then she tried to bless my evening... Im really good fam, keep your blessings.
The end result of this is that she changed the name.



She changed it to ALL THAT AND A BOTTLE OF NAIL POLISH!! Listen Linda!! You cant make this shit up!
It doesnt bother me at all now but I needed to clear the air on it and blog about it cuz I like a lil drama and being petty from time to time. Plus I realize she is too old and stubborn to hear reason.
The lesson in all of this, is just BE YOURSELF. STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD! DO YOU! If you are inspired by someone, credit that person and stop Christopher Columbus-ing! These Becky's be trying it!
Its like that issue on YT where smaller YTbers were creating challenges and much larger beauty influencers where taking credit for it. Where y'all ethics at?

Any whoo, I stay posted for the next Blog Bull Shit 2017 post; you will scratch your head and say "HUH?"


xoxo SHAINA :p