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Local Content Creator shares her experience after contracting Covid-19

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Local Content Creator shares her experience after contracting Covid-19

When I first learnt that Shanada had Covid-19 through her Instagram stories, I immediately started praying for her recovery. I knew that she lived with her parents so naturally I started worrying about them, since they are older and more susceptible to the virus.

Thankfully my worries were tamed, as Shanada has recovered enough to give us an update and insite to her experience with the virus. In her video below, she explains how she contracted the virus, even after following every safely protocol possible.
With heartfelt emotions, she thanks her friends and online family, for their prayers and sustenence contributions while she and her family recovers.
At this time she is asking that we keep her aunt Joyce in prayer, who is still currently hospitalized.

Shanada Matadeen

As Shanada shares her symptoms and medication, she is urging anyone who has flu like symptoms to get test ASAP and reach out to the relevant authorities for immediate help. Once tested positive and required steps are taken to quarantine, consult your doctor about what medication you should be taking, as the virus affects everyone differently.

I suggest you watch this video in its entirety, as it serves almost like a Covid-19 recovery survival guide.

There are many people who are still convinced that Covid-19 does not exist, but as we can see it is very real and even when doing everything right, it can still be easily contracted. I am almost begging you to stay at home and only go out to get essential items. Keep physically distant from others and wear your mask at ALL TIMES! When you get home from the outside, undress and shower immediately! Be honest about your flu like symptoms and let people you have come in contact with know.

We all have to do our part and cannot behave selfishly.

For more about Shanada, click on the video, links to her socials are in her bio.
For Covid-19 resources, visit the links below:

Ministry Updates

For an Ambulance call 811

Keep abreast of the events by ONLY relying on reputable new sources.
No WhatsApp fowarded messages spreading misinformation.


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