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Chub Rub: The honest uncomfortable conversation | Care tips

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Chub Rub: The honest uncomfortable conversation | Care tips

A couple weeks ago I came across the post below, which a Facebook friend shared ( Hey Genie! ). Honestly, my intial reaction to the photo was "Ugh! Why post this to the internet?!"
You know the saying, 'Thick thighs, save lives'? Well hunny, most times these thick thighs need all the help they can get and I can attest to that.

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Let’s talk dark inner thighs! A bit of a scary post for me as I’ve never really directly spoken about it, but let’s go. I feel like this issue (especially for brown and black skin) is still a huge source of insecurity for many of us. A lot of us feel it’s embarrassing. Some view it as a sign of uncleanliness. Some see it as ‘gross’. Dark inner thighs is often the result of ‘chub rub’ (when you’re inner thighs rub together while walking) and for brown and black women, over time it can lead to skin discolouration that is extremely difficult to get rid of. Back in the day when I used to be mega insecure about it, I tried everything to get rid of it: scrubs, tumeric, citric acid, bleach, but to no avail.i would be embarrassed when with a partner because of it, and I wouldn’t wear short skirts or shorts for fear of it showing. Fuck it, tbh. No one’s skin tone is 100% even. Having hyperpigmentation does not mean you are dirty or unclean. Men also don’t give a shit about this, but if you’re with someone who frequently comments on it, ask yourself why you are choosing to put up with someone who can’t love all of you as you are. This whole ‘living yourself’ thing isn’t easy, and my inner thighs are an area that I’m still getting to grips with, but it’s there and it’s a part of me. You may find it ‘unslightly’ or disgusting, but it’s me and I’m choosing to learn to love the parts of me that are considered flaws. *i know that the natural instinct in some people may be to offer solutions or advice, but in this post I don’t want or need advice on how to get rid of this. Thanks!* Bralette - @tommyhilfiger

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For as long as I remember I had thick thighs, even when I was 120 pounds, my thighs would touch and friction would hurt like a mother f**ker!
Burns, scaring, discoloration, the whole nine yards!

In my teens I didnt know how to deal with it or what to do, and was mostly ashamed to ask for help. In the media I would see all these model-eque girls in their hot short pants or skirts and their skin was super smooth with no discolouration and I started feeling insecure.

The idea of being intimate with someone 'with my legs to the sky' couldnt even be a fantasy, less my partner be disgusted with my inner thighs.
It was not severe as Stephanie's but it was the cause of much sexual anxiety.

To the Trinidadians reading, if you can recall, some years ago a video of a lady dancing on stage with an artist went viral. It went viral because in Dancehall fashion she opened her legs over her head, and her inner thighs were extremely dark on her medium-light skin tone. The comments didnt spare her at all, from her not having a bath, to men not wanting to have sex with her.

Later in life while talking to other women, I realised chafing was not just a fat girl thing. Slim women with 'kissing thighs' were having the same troubles! Then there is misconception of losing weight being the solution to a acheive the coveted 'thigh gap'. Sure, because everybody's body is the same; forget the slim girls with the thick thighs! They dont have these isssues right?

Even though I personally wouldnt post a picture like Stephanie did to the Internet, I understand her point in highlighting the situation. Ladies, let us be really really, reaaaaaaaaallly honest, severe chub rub looks bad; say terrible if you like, but it can look unsightly. I didnt like how my between my thighs looked AT ALL for a long time! The skin was rough, dark it was prone to ingrown hair, scaring and it looked like hell passed though!

Eventually I came to the realization of three things:

  1. My thighs as long as I live will be thick. Aint no two ways about that!
  2. There must be a solution and its not bitching about it!
  3. I want to be comfortable in my own body!

Since Stephanie's post was of much debate, I decided to write this post to help someone who is struggling with this. I believe not many women know that this can be taken care of, it just takes time.

Photo: GQ magazine Illustration by Seunghee Yi

Tips to avoid chafing and active care.

As long as you have thick thighs, get ready to babysit these huggers for a life time!
These are methods that have worked and is working for me.

Change your hair removal process

Yeah. Think of shaving over an uneven surface like the Chariot tearing though rugged terrain.
It can cause cuts and ingrown hair which will lead to more discomfort, scaring and further hyperpigmentation. You can try creame hair removal which is the easiest and painless method or waxing which will hurt (as per usual) but the hair weeks to start regrowth and less chances or ingrown hair.

Photo by The Creative Exchange on Unsplash


I cant stress this tip enough! This is one of your biggest partners in fighting chafing. The friction is reduced and your thighs can slip right by as you walk, run or whatever you are doing! The ones I use are from the FIT brand, I wear a medium and it does not ride up. The key is to buy them a size down. Best of all they are quite affordable being TT$85 - $120 a pair.

A must have!!

Oil up for slip

After you apply lotion or cream to your inner thighs, get some natural oils, run it in and seal that moisture. This will ensure that your skin doesnt stick together causing friction, which in turn causes the dreaded chaff. I reccomend using natural oils like coconut, avocado, olive oil and so on, just because it will be absorbed into the skin to potentially soften and treat the area.

Photo by Roberta Sorge on Unsplash

Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate

I cannot stress this enough annnnnd you have to do this in conjuction with the hair removal phase. Personally every time I have a bath I use an exfoliating cloth so thats my exfoliation right there.
Feeling a little extra?
Use a fine sugar scrub and gently massage.

Photo: The Simple Veganista - Recipe HERE

My little 'secret' - sshhhhh!

The tips above will help improve the texture of the skin and make is soft and supple over time.
"So what in God's name do you use to clear up the discoloration?"
Im so glad you asked!
My secret is a TONER!
YES! A brightening skin toner!!
You are probably like "whattttttttttttttt????"
The trick is to use a toner that you have used on your face, which you have seen actual lightening results.
This may or may not work for you. If it doesnt, try using a skin brightner that is organic. Please do not use bleaching creams that are toxic to your skin.

Yuja Niacin - Some by Mi

Tone up and drop some

Ah!! You thought I wasnt gonna say excercise eh? Truth is, doing some leg excerises and toning up your thighs can help significantly.
This is not a cure all, but if you are overweight and suffering with chub rub, getting active can be a solution.

Better Me World says, "if you want to reduce your inner thigh fat, you should stick to a traditional weight loss plan – establish healthy eating habits and work out on a regular basis.
However, there are special exercises that will target your inner thigh muscles in particular and help to tone this stubborn area. Below you can see a sample of an effective inner thigh workout."

Below is a link to the reccomended excerises:
Reduce Inner Thigh Fat

Photo by Meghan Holmes on Unsplash

In addition to my tips there are others that I have seen but not yet tried.
Below are some links to articles you can read, with products you can try yourself.

10 Anti Chafing Products

Be You Anti Chafing Cream

Best Anti Chaf Sticks and Creams

I hope this article was helpful in some way. If you do try any of these tips and like this article, feel free to share with a good good friend.
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