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How to pick the perfect pair of lashes!

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How to pick the perfect pair of lashes!

Mini Post Edition!

Picking the perfect pair of lashes is like choosing the best suitable shape wear for that super sassy dress.
This Holiday season, do your eye-makeup justice and dress her in the lash of her dreams (LOLOL!!)

I was doing some research last night and I came across this image that illustrates the best style of lash for your eye shape. If you must know, I have what you describe as deep set eyes and kinda almond shaped.

Photo by SophiesCloset

Please mind you, this is not entirely set in stone, its just a guide as to what lash can look best on your eyes. Right now Im really feelin' 'sophie lux','elizabeth lux', and raquel lux'!

I hope this was able to give you ah 'ahhh haaa!' moment, and happy lash hunting!



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