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The Uninspired Pandemic

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The Uninspired Pandemic

Let’s be real, there’s only so much of taking this time to relax, watch Netflix, be stressed about finances we can take. But we’re all stuck in a pandemic. It’s uninspiring. I haven’t written a poem in months. I haven’t created content for my Instagram in a hot minute. I feel defeated. Like a failure.
Long story short I’m letting the voices of stagnation, frustration and negativity rule my mind. But how the hell am I supposed to not? What is there to think about? What is there to create? What is there but boredom or chaos with a few laughs via memes, tiktoks and conversations with friends.
Here’s my redirection: just be negative. Not forever. But really sit with these uncomfortable emotions. Learn to be ok with boredom. Learn to be ok with frustration, failure set back.

Learn to be OK

Use this as a growth period because when things kick back in high gear you’ll go into shock. Take each season as they are and learn to instead of fighting it or try to overcome it, just accept it and you’ll find peace. At some point you’ll have to address it but not everything, even as impending as they are, needs to be addressed immediately. Teach yourself to search, reflect and think and your muse or solution will come. Trust in your God. I have my Jesus and He been giving me the comfort I need to at least fall asleep.

I’m uninspired too. I don’t have an answer for you. I never have answers for you. I always make you think. How can I be at peace? Read, stare at your ceiling in darkness for 30 minutes just chilling, meditate, close your eyes as you sit by your work desk and just breathe. Let the stress flow out through your ability to do nothing and be nothing. Never let stress win. You can literally say fuck you to stress by watching it in the face and walking yourself into a state of calm and nothingness. Return to the task after.

So in the 8th month of her lady COVID19 my message to you is: accept your lack of inspiration, your stress, you negativity and frustrations by looking it in the face and calming yourself into a state of nothingness. (COME OUT OF IT AFTER A 30 MINUTES MAX). But show yourself you don’t need to be hyped, stressed and crying. Let the calm of nothingness bring either solution or peace which will help you have a clearer mind to find solution.

Caribbean Spyce is a proud alumni of Hillview College and graduated Bsc Psychology, First Class Honours, UWI, St. Augustine. A member of honours society, Psi Chi.
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