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My castor oil experience with dreads

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My castor oil experience with dreads

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My 3 month loc anniversary was a few days ago and I want to go a little in-depth about how CASTOR OIL has helped my hair significantly!
When I started my locs, my scalp was itchy an extremely dry; it was most embarrassing. Coconut oil by itself was not helping since it does moisturize but does not seal hair shaft to lock in that moisture. After doing my research, I came across the benefits of castor oil especially for dread heads:
*It is a humectant which absorbs moisture what you put in and the environment.
*Acts as a sealant that keeps moisture in the hair.
*It can prevent the hair from becoming dry and brittle, facilitating healthy hair growth.
*It is low comedogenic – it does not clog the pores. When you massage castor oil onto your scalp it removes dirt, dead skin and dry flakes that clogs the hair roots.
*It also promotes hair growth. So ladies with problematic edges, castor oil is your best friend.
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Castor oil by nature is very sticky so I sometimes mix mine with coconut oil before applying to the roots. To keep moisture locked in, I spray my hair with my ROSE WATER AND VITAMIN E MIX then apply the oil mix to my scalp. My dreads stay shiny and my scalp is healthy!


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