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Jordana Complete Cover 2-in-1 Concealer Foundation Review

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Jordana Complete Cover 2-in-1 Concealer Foundation Review

Complete Cover 2-in-1 Concealer & Foundation

The Ultimate Multitasker Conceals DarkSpots, Imperfections, Dark Circles and Evens Out Skin Tone For a Flawless Look.

  • Flexible Coverage – Full To Maximum
  • Long Wearing, Water Resistant & Oil-Free

Jordana Cosmetics

So.... the long awaited review is here. Let me start by saying that when I first heard about this foundation it peaked my interest because I know Jordana to be an affordable brand, that has great products. There is a lot to say about this product so I will break it down into parts.

1. Packaging

I can kiss the person who designed it! The foundation comes in a sleek tube that hold 1 oz of product. As shown in the photo below,the nuzzle is convenient as mess free so you can squeeze out just amount of product you want. The only down side, is that if you squeeze too much, there is no 'putseez backseez'.
Boohoo! :(

2. Shades

These babies come in 12 shades, with a mixture of warm and cool undertones. I was especially happy to see that a drug store foundation made a dark shade that was cool undertoned!!! YASS!!! Good looking out Jordana! Next great thing about these, is that if you cant find your shade, it is easy to mix and match your shade with another.
Pictured below is the shade I use, Mahogany.



3. Le Product

This concealer foundation IS serious MAXIMUM COVERAGE! All you need is a VERY little amount and boy did I learn the hard way. I suggest starting on the cheeks and spreading outward to the rest of the face. I also suggest applying with a dense stippling brush or a damp beauty blender or else you will be a streaky mess.
This foundation claims to be oil free, but personally when using it, I find it to be oily after application, not even dewy. I have to apply extra powder to mattify the finish which I really dislike doing. Suggestion? Take a tissue or a clean powder puff and pat the face to remove excess oil. I honestly had to wear this product on three different occasions to figure it out. Third time's the charm!

4. Primer

When using this foundation, I use Revlon Photoready Primer and a bit of Milk of Magnesia on my nose and cheek area. I still do find that after 3 hours of wear, I get some shine on my nose in comparison to Revlon Color Stay, where I almost have no shine.

5. Should I purchase?

Definitely, if you have dry skin. If you have oily/combination skin, use with a generous amount of primer. If you are all about the dewy look, I will also recommend it. In my opinion, I give this foundation, 3.5 stars out of 5.

6. Price

On Jordana Cosmetics website, it retails for $4.99 US (1 oz ), but I have read other blog sites and the bloggers' state they paid, around $2.99 US at beauty supply stores. At Wonderful World, the retails for $35.00TT which quite a reasonable mark up in my opinion.


Good foundation and coverage, great price especially if you are on a budget or just experimenting with your options. Great for dry skin. Very convenient size to slip into your makeup bag and best of all it's mess free!

If you have any questions on this foundation feel free to send me a message to my Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

XOXO Shaina!

Product Photos: By Shaina
Camera: Samsung ST65


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