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Snail Orgasms?

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Snail Orgasms?

How snail pleasure can enhance your beauty.

I have an aunt named Patsy.
Ever since I can remember, whenever aunty Patsy ate paw paw she would rub the skin all over her face. Paw Paw enzymes are good for your skin, so why use it in it's natural state?
At this point you are probably wondering what paw paw has to do with snail orgasms.
Absolutely nothing.
But, just think about the wonders of snail slime and letting a snail loose on your face! Not the same concept as paw paw skin huh?

For centuries snail slime has been part of eastern beauty regimes and it has made its way into the west. For us the in the Caribbean, we dont seem to care much about snails, unless its the giant African snail that can carry a harmful parasitic worm. In that case the appropriate government ministries come in with public awareness campaigns and pest control.

For a very long time I thought the snail mucin extraction involved snail death or harm and I was unfortunately correct. According to a Telegraph article written by Andrea Vogt, in order to force snails to secrete slime, traditionally they were dunked in pots of water with salt, vinegar or other chemicals. Many snail farmers were able to collect snail mucin without hurting the snails, but the process was long.

Then along came Simone Sampo` from Italy, who has revolutionized the snail game for the long haul. His method of snail slim extraction is cruelty free and he claims he and his team took a total of nine years to perfect his snail slime machine!
Basically, these happy snails are taken temporarily from their feeding pasture, gently washed and placed in a 'gastropod'. Inside that pod is where all the magic happens...literally... it's orgasmic.
Click on the video below.

Snails secrete slime for 3 reasons (Great Big Story - Youtube)

Snail orgy? These snails were pleasured for your facial wellbeing ?.

You may not be wondering, "How do I know if the mucin in my serum is cruelty free?" It may be difficult to find out immediately, however, you can email, tweet or '@' your favorite skin care brand and ask about the farms the snails originated.

I personally have not used snail mucin products, so I cannot boast of the wondrous results that most have claimed.
Am I willing to try? Absolutely.
Am I willing to have them slide across my face in a spa? No thank you ma'am.

What snail products do you use? Would love to know what you recommend!
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