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The Shainanigan Show | A Podcast Series: Signature Style Ep 3

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The Shainanigan Show | A Podcast Series: Signature Style Ep 3

A few years ago I came across K. Fensom's bags and since then, I have possibly loved every single creation she has ever made. When I decided to do The Shainanigan Show, I knew she had to be a guest on my first season so I can share this amazing woman with you.

In this episode I chat over Google Hangouts with Jenelle, the brand owner of K. Fensom Customised Handmade Bags. She walks us through her humble beginnings from becoming well known for her signature handbags to almost being arrested for underaged driving.
It's wild!
She also gives us a small lesson in fabrics and how to care for your handbags.

Make sure to visit her social links:
K.Fensom on Facebook
K. Fensom on Instagram

We forgot to mention in the podcast, that some of her pieces can be found at Nine West at Westmall, Trinidad. So If you are ever at that mall, you can pass in and if you are lucky, you will spot one of her signature bags.

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