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Steps to Radiant, Mature Skin

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Steps to Radiant, Mature Skin

Let's face the facts. We get older.
As women get older, fine-lines, crows feet, sun spots and dark circles seem to become unwanted neighbours that we would prefer to stay 'over there'. Many mature women have this impulse to purchase any and everything with 'anti-aging' written on it! When it comes to makeup, the routine you did 20 or even 10 years ago will not apply to the present.

It is said that from the age of thirty-five onward, the skin starts to loose tone and elasticity due to diminished production of Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid (the stuff that helps with tissue repair and skin elasticity). By the time menopause hits, estrogen production begins to decline which is essential for keeping the body youthful. As a result, fine lines may appear, as well as, dryness and a loss of elasticity.

I have three simple steps that will give you that flawless Jlo coveted look!

It is simple as Prep, Prime, Perfect.

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! This is the most important step before applying any makeup to the face especially on mature skin. If you have oily skin to combination skin, try using a moisturizer that is oil free. However if you have dry skin, try one that contains glycerin.
Moisturizers help to minimize fine lines and improve skin texture, assisting in preparing the face for the two other steps to come.

Primer is one of the most important steps in makeup application for both young and mature skin. More so to mature skin because primer helps smoothen fine lines and fills pores. The last thing you want is for your foundation to settle in every line!

A common mistake that mature women make, is attempting to pull off the 'matte look'. That look is appropriate for the teens up to about mid thirties but I wouldn't recommend it for the forties and older.
Glow, glow, glow!! Get that radiant youthful look! Just because you are older doesn't mean you have to be dried out! Shimmer pigments, semi-matte foundations, moisturizing lipstick and lip-gloss are your best friends. Many may actually disagree saying that shimmers tend to 'exaggerate' fine lines and pores, but as the old saying goes, everything in moderation. Set your foundation lightly with a loose or press powder to keep your base in place.

Dont forget the eyebrows!
The older you get, most women tend to have less brow hair. Fill them in with a powder or a pencil (brown, medium brown or dark brown preferably).

Dont forget to set your face with your favourite setting spray to lock in your awesome beat to face the world!

Older? Be Bolder!


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