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Go Bronzer Bananas!!

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Go Bronzer Bananas!!

It's almost summer time! This calls for fun, sun, beach, bikinis and BRONZER! Of recent I have fallen heals over head with bronzer. Yes I said heals over head! On the beauty market there are three main types of bronzers which are aerosol, liquid and powder, which can be used to either darken or illuminate. It's all about choosing one that works best for you, or fits your makeup need. Let me introduce you to the types of bronzers, so you can be beach ready for summer 2015!!

Let's jump right in!

Aerosol Bronzers

These bronzers are mostly marketed for your legs, for example, Sally Hanson Air brush Legs. This product can also be used on the rest of the body, but I wouldn't recommend you do so on the face!
If you are pale, use a bronzer about 2 shades darker than your complexion to achieve that dewy, 'seen the sun look'. If you are medium to dark skin, you can use this bronzer to give you that bronzed goddess look.

These sprays are fairly simple to use and seldom messy. Just remember to follow the product instructions on how to apply.

Liquid Bronzer

Yes, Gel will fall in this category. This bronzer comes in various shades just like the aerosol bronzer. However, these can be messy if not handled well. These are really great if you want a quick sultry and sensuous glow on the entire body; apply like you would with lotion. It can be used on face but in my experience, it can make you look very greasy so apply there with caution. However, there are specific liquid bronzers that are made to be used on the face like the ones pictured below.

Powder bronzer

My personal favourite! There are sooo many powder bronzers in sooo many shade varieties on the market, that if all were to come together it would create a new sun!
Within powder bronzer, there are two main types: shimmer and matte.
Shimmer is the one we are mostly familiar with and they are mostly used to create that coveted Jlo glow. If you are dark skinned you can use shimmer bronzers as highlight on the cheek bones, nose bridge or any were you want light to reflect.

If you are of a fairer complexion, a highlight that will be more suited for your complexion for example, Mary lou Manizer. However if you want to darken, be very careful how you choose as you dont want to end up looking over toasted!

Matte bronzer plainly put is a powder darker than you would normally use, to darken your complexion without the shimmer. Full stop.

Did I say Bronzer?

Now you are updated on the types of bronzers on the makeup market and you can with confidence pick out on that is best for you. With all makeup products make sure to test before you purchase (No regrets!)

In my next blog entry, I will be sharing my favourite bronzers for #Summer2015 and possibly beyond!


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