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Changed behaviour

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Changed behaviour

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As many know and for those who don’t know, I lost my sister in June 2019. I have missed her terribly. I lost many family members before that and after.

Additionally, we are in the middle of a pandemic. Many people have lost jobs and there have been various flight restrictions, unfortunately, many people cannot go to see their families.

This is the part that you expect me to fill you with platitudes like “life is too short” “family is family keep them close.”

Absolutely not. If you and your family members don’t communicate because of busy schedules, petty grievances take time during this pandemic to bond and clear the air.

However, do not let toxic individuals gaslight you into developing relationships with them. I don’t know about you but the only apology I acknowledge is changed behaviour. Death nor pandemic could never make me develop any sort of relationship with some individuals.

In fact, they have used these situations to become even more manipulative, controlling abusive.

For example, I know someone who lost their grandmother (no not me trying to sneakily talk about myself). When that happened there was, a guy who was interested in her but she always rejected him, tried reaching out. She still declined his company. His reaction was priceless. He was rude, manipulative, and deceptive. just like he always was so his message to her “life is too short” was meaningless.

He changed nothing about his attitude. He never acknowledged his wrongdoings, his amends were superficial so his apology was baseless. I spoke to this individual and he tried to be coy and innocent with me (rolls eyes).

People are also allowed to migrate and travel the world. Of course, you can be stuck and miss your family but let us not guilt people into believing that migration is somehow “abandonment”. Unless you left your child or your sick family member to suffer, don’t make people feel bad for traveling after the pandemic.

The pandemic had reinforced my desire to live my life on my terms.

In summary,

Don’t feel as if you have to have a good relationship with your relatives or anyone because others have lost loved ones.

Don’t feel like you can’t travel once Covid-19 becomes a thing of the past.

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