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Clay Hair Mask? What??!

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Clay Hair Mask? What??!


The following blog post was an experiment and not meant to be anything too serious. If you are just as nutz as I am and willing to try, go right ahead.

My hair has been in its natural state for close to three years now. Besides the fact that it is no where close to my length goal, I do protective styling from time to time. My hair is categorized as '4 C' according to hair texture charts every where. More on that some other time, but in the mean time, THIS EXPERIMENT!

So. There is always this buzz about Bentonite clay, which is a natural healing clay composed of minerals, and it’s formed from aged natural volcanic ash (sounds super huh). Apparently it is good for the skin and hair because it draws out toxins and helps purify.
According to

"Bentonite clay quickly swells like an extremely porous sponge when water is mixed with it. It becomes a powerful tool to draw toxins into the sponge through electrical pull and once there, they get bound. On the one hand it removes toxins and chemicals from the skin, and on the other hand releases minerals for the skin to use. It also draws out excess hydrogen and infuses oxygen into the cells, thereby allowing cells to replace hydrogen with oxygen instead. It can be applied to any area of body, such as face, neck, chest or feet. It can be even applied to you whole body for taking a bentonite clay bath."

I have to give it to this clay, it sound pretty frickin magical! So magical that I had this bright idea while sitting in a taxi. If face mud masks are sooo good for the skin, and they also contain bentonite clay, then what is stopping me from putting my clay face mask, in my HAIR!
So I went home and I started Googling like crazy, to find out if anyone else thought of my crazy idea and if it was safe. As I type, I still haven't found any search results to back up my 'theory'. Oh well! Time to experiment!

What did I use?

Queen Helene Original Mud Pack Masque

GNC Apple Cider Vinegar (it also cleanses)

(In no particular measurement, just mix until pasty)

I was braided up for about 2 months and this was after take down and before doing this mask. My hair is slowly fading out the green.
Selfie Alert!

The rest is simple; I just parted my hair in small sections and coated the mixture from root to tip. You will notice crazy curl definition when doing this and I was so excited to see my curls!

I let it sit for about 30 minutes, then rinsed, shampooed and deep conditioned.
During the 30 minutes of waiting I decided to put some mixture on my face cuz why not?


I didnt expect much from this experiment to begin with. I have never used bentonite clay the correct way before I cant give a comparison. However, my hair does feel clean before shampooing and the water was a brownish color which could have suggested dirt was removed. There wasn't any special tingling or magical-ness.

This is me all rinsed and angry with shrinkage.

Soon I will try actually using the bentonite clay for my hair since it needs some serious TLC and cleansing. Dont judge me ya'll! Im just experimenting, dont act like you have never done anything crazy.
Have you ever experimented with your hair like this before?
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