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Nail Polish of the Week Ep. 7 -Orly, Purple Crush

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Nail Polish of the Week Ep. 7 -Orly, Purple Crush

Ok maybe not the week because I have had them on since Friday and I'll change them again soon.
Let me please first bow to the Orly Gawds and thank them for making such blessings of polish. Pricey AF but hey, when you got great stuff you got to cough up the mula.
My nails this week are Orly's Purple Crush. I got mine in the mini bottle.

Normally by the second day of NP wear I get chipping. As I type. Im on my third day and I ONLY started to get chipping. Why? My this weekend my nails were under a lot of water and I dont use gloves to do chores. I kneaded flour, scrubbed pots, taken down my hair for washing and my nails are in 'mint' condition! Normally I begin to get cracks forming on my thumb and index fingers but not with this polish.

The key I think to getting the best wear out of your Orly polishes is to use a top and base coat within the line. I have noticed that if I use a top coat (especially) not of the Orly brand, the longevity isnt the same.

For these nails I used my Jordana ridge filler (only thing not in the line) and Orly Bonder as a base coat, two coats of Purple Crush, Glosser top coat and In a Snap fast dry. By the way, can I just add that I am in LOVE with the Orly brush?? So thin! So neat! So long!

When I was done with painting my nails, I used some black rhinestones from kleancolor's Nail to Toe 3 in 1 nail set (pictures above) and stuck them in a triangular shape. By the next day they with fell off so I just painted them like the rest. :P

Generally I am very pleased with nails this week. If I didnt have so many 'water sports' they would have lasted possibly the entire week!
Here are is a photo of them on the third day and they still look fresh!

Orly is an expensive brand but it is definitely worth the buy! Besides, you can always get them in the mini versions ;)
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