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Colour me Julie

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Colour me Julie

This true story is going to be short, but sweet like a Julie Mango.

Once upon a time, I was an administrative assistant. While interviewing the client I realized he kept glaring at me, then eventually he asked a certain question.
He probably sat there glaring trying to figure out how to ask his question, when he finally mustered this:

"You dont find your hair too colourful for work?"

I stopped typing and looked at him.
"I dont find so and management certainly doesnt have a problem with it."

From his facial expression, he didnt expect me to answer him like that.
"It seems a bit unprofessional..."

He taught I was done? Think again!

"You see that article on the notice board? That is me. That is my personality, that is who I am. I have been nothing but professional with you, so I dont understand your question."
The article refers to a newspaper feature of me in the Guardian newspaper.

He eventually sat mumbling to himself about the colour was too much for a work environment and so on.
Why was he so upset about something that had NOTHING TO DO WITH HIM?

Some people are stuck with archaic thinking and refuse to open their minds to different possibilities in general. Just because someone looks outside the norm, they are deemed a problem or a misfit in society.
Trinidadians especially LOVE to bad talk people!
All Julie Mango wanted was to take a ID card photo and get some sort of resolve. The staff at the office didnt have the training, competence and mental fortitude to handle this situation in a professional manner.

Local media has ran with her story with their asses in the air, reporting bits and pieces of what THEY WANT. Now you have citizens and people in government positions like Councillor Allan Samuel insinuating that she is a "dunce and a clown".
"She cyah get a wok with she hair so?" Just because your restricted 8-4 has your mind conditoned to think that's the only line of work available - well I feel badly for you.
Everybody should have black and brown hair right? Tell that to your aunty who's hair is orange at the moment. Next week it might be green!

Another example of this was the case of Candice Santana. Too fat to play mas eh? Former Minister Fuad Khan insults her online all based on how she looked what he perceived to be inappropriate.

I said this story was doing to be short but sweet.
Wondering what my so called unprofessional hair looked like?


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