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Post Carnival Makeup 2019 Beauty Insider

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Post Carnival Makeup 2019 Beauty Insider

What was learned and improved

It's been a week since revelers have wined and jammed, so this week is the post Carnival beauty review. For me, this year was a bit different as I had more clients than last year. For the record, last years review was LIT!

However, in this years review, I will be sharing a few pointers on how to keep yourself on track with simple tools and tips you can use to do so.

Keep track of ALL your income and expenditure

Before you spend any money on makeup stock, sit down, get a pen, paper, calculator and pull up a spread sheet.
I use the Google Spread sheets in Drive. Budget and estimate how much each item cost, with the cost per client.
This helped me SO much and I actually kept inline with the estimated budget.
You will find that this prevents you from having 'surprises' with 'where the money gone?' come Ash Wednesday.

Time and Space

Time is valuable. Plan your time ahead, let your clients know what time to expect you or the time that is alloted to them and ask that they respect it. You also need space for you to rest a bit, and get yourself together for the next client.
Even consider extra time for set backs.
On Carnival Monday I had a little obstacle with one of my clients lashes and I took longer than expected to complete her look. However, because of the extra time, the morning ran smoothly.
Tuesday morning I completed my early clients within exacty one hour! I set my phone timer and as soon as that face was setting with spray, it went off!

The alarm keeps you humble!

For my very last client I took my sweet time. She deserved it :)

About those pre assembled gems...

I would personally like to thank all the local beauty retailers for selling these God-sent gems that cut time in almost HALF!

I would more so like that thank those who sold them at reasonable prices as in $30 and below. BIG UP YA SELF!
Thank you Makeup Haven for hooking me up!!
The good thing about these is that you can cut them out and rearrange them however you see fit!
At the same time, shout out to all the MUAs who stuck gems at record time speeds. You are the real MVPs!

Always keep your clients informed

Stay in the loop with your clientele. Ask them EVERYTHING!
Ask them about their costumes, the colours, ask them to send you photos. Tell them to inform you of what they expect their final makeup look to be like, if they want gems, lashes, and so on.
Be honest and open with your clients about the process. Most of them will be new to you so it is imperative that you develop a relationship.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Guys, I must honestly say, I failed in the lights and camera part to an extent. The only down side to house calls is that you cant control the lighting unless you have a portable light.
This I do not have.
However, I managed to have my clients looking great but my photography sucked!

My tip to those who have a camera, adjust your camera setting before hand and learn how to make adjustments to adapt.

Thats all for 2019's post Carnival Makeup insider folks! Below are a few of the good shots of my beautiful clients. I want to openly thank them for choosing me and I know they were pleased. Want to share anything you learned this year? Share this post and comment it!

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