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Fun with Flash Tattoos!

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Fun with Flash Tattoos!

Hello Beauties!

So for the past few months, flash tattoos have caught my attention! I have been looking at Instagram post for ideas on how to use them on my fingers!
I was considering purchasing a few midi-rings but they were a bit out of budget for me, so these tattoos came in quite handy!

Sorry I didnt take photos of the process or the pack it came in. I was so excited I started to cut I realized I didnt take pics.
The steps are pretty straight forward and are located at the back of the flash tattoo card. Be mindful to read instructions first before cutting.
Below I explain what I did.

All you need is:

  1. One pack of your favourite flash tattoo, preferably the ones that have straight designs.

  2. Cut out the lines you want and measure them on your fingers and hands to make sure they fit.

  3. Have a wet sponge or cloth close by, then peal the plastic off the tattoo and place it where you want it. In my case I made one in the shape of a wrist to finger bracelet and a ring.

  4. Take the wet sponge or cloth and press it on the back of the design and remove after 20-30 seconds.

  5. Now you have an awesome design on your skin that is safe and removable with much vigorous rubbing with oil.

See? It's that easy! Such an affordable and easy way to create a fashion statement! You can also use these FT on your nails to create cool nail art was well! On my nails I am wearing Kleancolor polishes in Pastel Teal and Love Affair.

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XOXO Shaina :)
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