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Nail Polish of the Week Ep.4 - Electric Nights China Glaze

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Nail Polish of the Week Ep.4 - Electric Nights China Glaze

Let me first say, "SUMMER IS HERE!!!!" However I live in the Caribbean and this sentence has no place here. Sorry!

China Glaze has pulled out this bad ass collection of neon polishes for the 'Electric Nights' collection which comprises of 12 awesome polishes. I guess the inspiration for this collection is the endless summer night parties filled with dancing and neon lights; you know, like Demi Lovato's 'Neon Lights' song.

Did I mention these babies glow under black light?

From this collection I picked up 2 colours, 'Redy to Rave'(left) and 'Point me to the Party' (right).

Redy to Rave
This color is intense! My camera is kind doing a great job at picking up the color.
On my nails I am wearing 2 coats of this polish but with one coat it is sheer-ish, but still bright. Great color for the brave and bold.

Point me to the Party
Listen, listen, listen... I aint NEVER seen a polish like this yet! This polish is compact with fine and medium neon pink, purple, green and orange 'glitter' pieces! Glitter in quotes because they are not the normal glitter, its more like confetti birthday bash in a bottle so I HAD to have it! To apply this effectively, I used a makeup wedge to apply polish to the nail until I was satisfied with the amount. This is limited edition, so I suggest you GET!

If you are a nail polish collector, this is fantastic to add to your collection. The polish lasted me a solid 4 days, then began to peel since I cant keep my hands out to water! The nails with the glitter lasted the longest after the other polish peeled.

As always,I used my Jordana ridge filler base coat and Orly Rubberized base coat, then sealed in my polish with Sally Hanson base and topcoat polish for shine and longevity.
Until next week!
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