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The Beauty .... and the beast...

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The Beauty .... and the beast...

Wash your face with this to make your face radiant! Scrub with that to remove dead skin! Use this product and it will make you look beautiful!
Blah blah blah!

Some of us spend so much money on every beauty trend that passes, but do we spend that same kind of money on our HEALTH??

One time I was scrolling through my social media feeds and it amazed me how much women spend on makeup items every month or even every week. It had me questioning (even myself), how some of us can spend $200.00 on one lippie, but to pay the same toward a healthy lifestyle is hardest thing ever!!

As a Makeup Artist, I relate this struggle, but at some point, you have to put your foot down and do what is best for you.

Eating healthy is hard. Im not going to sugar coat it (sorry) but it is difficult. The most important part of this is self discipline and not wanting to eat everything on the 'see-food' menu.

Im quite a heavy girl as a currently weigh 185 pounds. Honestly I dont look it but I feel the body change as I used to be 125 pounds 5 years ago.
'How did you gain 60 pounds in 5 years?'
Well... I love food and I ate ate ate, on top of that I had some thyroid problems and then when I got over that,I went back to my old ways.
I have tried getting in shape so many times, but I kept falling off the wagon and the excuses kept piling up (you know them excuses as to why not...... girl.....).

The Turning Point

My husband sat me down early last month and gave me THE TALK.
He expressed how concerned he was about my health and how he would like to see me get back in tip top shape.
PCOS was one of the problems I have had due to my weigh gain and I must admit, it worried him more that I should be worried about it.
I promised myself I was going to do this, not just for ME but for US.

Get it Girl!

There had been a bottle of turmeric sitting on top of the fridge for almost a year doing nothing. I initially bought it for my face.
In early February my husband was eagerly trying to get me to take it but I refused. Long and short, I eventually began about half a tablespoon with water every morning and started including it in my food. Let me tell you, the taste is not for the faint of heart!
I've also started taking control of my portion sizes and exercising!

Look out for my next post where I will spill all on how I do it, my results and the benefits of using turmeric and my other 'secret' spices!

If you follow me on Instagram you already have an insight to my healthy journey.

You health is your wealth hunnies!
XOXO Shaina


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