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Nail Polish of the Week Ep. 7 - Take a Hike!

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Nail Polish of the Week Ep. 7 - Take a Hike!

Hello my beauties!

It's been a long time since I have done #NPOTW and for good reason, but that doesn't mean I stopped painting my nails! My old camera died about 2 months ago and just recently I got a new one, so Im BACK WITH BETTER EPIC PICS!!
(Insert Muhahaaaa's here )

This week Im flaunting China Glaze's "Take a Hike" from The Great Outdoors collection. If you remember, I got all 3 of the shade shifters from that fall collection last year. Now you may be wondering, "It's like spring tho! Why the Fall colours?"
This colour is very unique and I HAD to HAVE IT!

"Take a Hike" can be described as a cool toned, forest green-blue The formula is creamy and one coat is all you need. I however used 2 thin coats on my nails.

Isn't it pretty?
For my two accent nails I used "Stone Cold" a silver glitter as it pairs nicely with the cool undertone of 'Take a Hike".

As usual I used my As a basecoat I used my trusty Orly Rubberized BC and as Top Coat the Orly Glosser and Epix Flexible Seal Coat to give shine and longevity.

Great addition to your polish stash as Ive never seen a colour like it. Get it!


Shaina Brown

Shaina Brown

Shaina Brown is a Caribbean woman from the Island of Trinidad and Tobago. She is a beauty writer, advisor and Makeup Artist on a mission to help the average woman not be the 'typical woman'.

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