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Highlight, Contour & Slayy! - The Beauty Lesson

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Highlight, Contour & Slayy! - The Beauty Lesson

Last week I wrapped up my 3rd makeup workshop,Highlight, Contour & Slayy!

This class was for my chocolate sisters who had a hard time defining their features, because they just didnt know it was possible, or they didnt know what products to use so they can achieve it!

In this class, I showed three methods they can use to achieve the sculpted look they desire.

Reverse Contour

This contour method is simple,yet a method not every dark-skinned woman knows about. With this method, you are using the highlighting color to bring what you want highlighted forward. It gives the optical illusion of depth, yet making it look normal which leaves out the need for the dark contour color.

For dark skin, this method makes it so simple. All you have to do is add the lighter color and bam! Your skin is already dark - Contour!

Dark-brown eye-shadow

Now hunnies, just because the it is labeled eye-shadow, doesn't mean that is all they can be used for! We all know most makeup companies who have contour palettes on the market, don't make kits deep enough for our mug.
Get a very cool and deep eye-shadow and snatch that face!
Sacha cosmetics has a really awesome one named 'Matte brown' and it is the best deep brown I have ever come across that does the job perfectly! Luckily they recently introduced it as part of their blush line. Fantastic!

Blush it out

This method is recommended for the cheeks/jawline.
Exactly where you would place your contour, place a deep plum blush in it's place. BAM!
Fab Face!
Sleek - Pink Sprint is bae on dark skin tones.

All about that highlight

A lot of dark skinned women make the mistake of over doing the highlighting process. It their makes them look ashy or just straight up ridiculous!
RULE NO.1 !! Stick to two shades lighter than your foundation shade. One shade up is fine if you prefer. Make sure to blend blend blend!
I love to use the La Girl Pro Concealer to do this.
Apply the H-Colour to the 'T' zone area of the face (forehead, bridge of nose, under-eye/cheek area, chin).

After you blend this out, you set it so it says in place. On darker skin I recommend using the Sacha ULTRA MATTE MEDIUM SETTING POWDER. which is not as light as the famous 'Butter Cup'.

In the fifth square I used it to set my concealer and it looks quite 'natural'.


Using a highlight colour that has a warm undertone gives the face that warm glowing appearance and balances out the cool contours.

Thank you!

I just want to say thank you to my model for the day Nikisha who was more than happy to get her face done!
You ladies were awesome and thank you for coming out!
Special thanks also to my always supporting husband Lasana.
Next class date to be announced soon so stay in the loop!

XOXO - Shaina


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