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How to: Clear, Beautiful Skin

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How to: Clear, Beautiful Skin

More hot girl summer tips!

I asked my readers, what they wanted me to write about. My lovely cousin Kerlene reached out and asked:
"How to get clear skin in addition to healthy eating."
In response, I contacted my friend London in LA, to guest blog on this topic!
She is very knowledgeable in skin care and she always has the best advice.
I encourage you to follow her on her social links below!

My name is London, I'm 29, and live in Los Angeles with my husband. I was born in France and I am of African and Arabic descent.
My goal is to uplift, love and support all my sisters from all around the world. I love all things skincare first, perfumes second, makeup third.
Really though, all things girly ha!

Instagram: @darkskinedition

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Twitter: @uniteddarkskin

In addition to drinking a lot of water and eating fruits with high water content,(watermelon,canteloupe,cucumbers) it is very important to develop a skincare routine.
Ideally you'll have a morning and night skincare routine.
Give yourself a facial once a week and get it professionally done once a month as well.

For your daily routine you will need:

  1. oil cleanser
  2. water based cleanser
  3. toner
  4. under eye moisturizer
  5. face moisturizer
  6. lip moisturizer

For your weekly facial you will need:

  1. oil cleanser
  2. water based cleanser
  3. face scrub
  4. lip scrub
  5. face mask
  6. lip mask
  7. under eye mask
  8. toner
  9. under eye moisturizer
  10. face moisturizer
  11. lip moisturizer

Most people say that the order in which you apply your products don't matter but I apply mine as I typed them. Avoid touching your face with your bare hands, as we have lots of bacteria under our nails. I recommend getting silicone brushes for your masks, and thoroughly wash your hands before starting your routine.

My three must have products are:

I hope it helps. Glow girl!

Love, London 

Lead Photo by The Creative Exchange on Unsplash


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