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MAC Studio Fix DUPE???

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MAC Studio Fix DUPE???

Lord Jesus take me NOW!
Well not just yet... I have all this awesome makeup to play with!

Chocolate ladies, I am soo excited to introduce to you, a MAC STUDIO FIX DUPE!

So NW58 is the darkest powder shade of the studio fix line. Im not sure if they have any other compact powders available but that is the only one I know of.
I hit the pan of my studio fix a few months back and I was dreading spending $250 for a face powder since it was the only powder I ever bought that fit me perfectly - until yesterday.


If this isnt a dupe, I dont know what is!

Let me introduce you to the LA Girl HD press powder in COCOA. It is the last and darkest shade in a range of 15 shades in that line. They cost $38.00 (at Wonderful World) and for a drug store / dollar store brand it sure is a wowzzer!


  • Price: $38TT compared to $250TT!
  • Closes dupe to NW58 you will get with a drugstore brand.
  • Packaging is a little more sleek and has a more 'expensive look'.
  • If you have dark skin and a cool undertone, this is perfect for you.
  • No white finish when applied even though it contains silica.
  • MATTE (af)
  • No probs with flash. (See photo below)


  • It really wouldnt be fair to give a 'con'... I have savings of $212TT! LOL!

  • When looked at in person, SF is a tad bit darker. When swatched, SF comes out true to the color that you see, where as LAG gives of a slight white appearance that eventually goes away. (See photo below)

  • I will say however that the SF finish is a bit smoother in application than LAG.

    Powder applied as a setting powder for non highlighted areas. Photos of face taken in flash. Will upload with natural light very soon as I know the photo lighting a slightly different

End all thougtzz

It's a damn good dupe! Aint as spectacular as the MAC but it saves hella money and it is a good buy for a drugstore product. You now I have mad love for my dark skinned loves and I had to share this 'S' with you.

If you try this, let me know and if you have any cheap dupes, dont forget to share with your sistas!

XOXO Shaina - IG @strawberrieblack


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