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Mature Skin Makeup Don'ts

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Mature Skin Makeup Don'ts

...with Do's for comfort

The way you did your makeup in your teens or your twenties shouldn't be the same as you do it in your forties, fifties and beyond. Earlier this year I did a beauty blog post on Steps to Radiant Mature Skin which touched on prepping the skin for makeup application (The 3 P's) so you can check that out before going further.

This post is to help mature women figure out what they shouldn't do in this swirl of makeup trends. For the new MUA's, this should help you as well, because I KNOW how intimidating mature skin can be to do as well.

  • Matte Foundations

For the love of Pete and everything you know about him, please do yourself a favour and stay away from them as much as possible especially in your 50's and up. I remember speaking with an older lady and she desperately wanted to switch foundations because it was so matte (L'Oreal Infallible Matte btw)! Matte formulas settle into every fine line and it just makes you look older.

What you can DO is use a BB cream which is lighter and better for the skin, or use a foundation that promotes skin radiance. In my experience, liquids tend to work better that creams. If you choose creams, use it lightly and blend!


If you find that you still see fine lines, get in with your fingers, lift skin and pat product in, especially on the forehead, eyes and smile lines.

  • Over Done Blush

I cant tell you ladies again how this gets me all riled up! Dont over do it! Blush should make you look healthy and glowing, not like a close cousin of Bozo the Clown.
I suggest using satin blushes or even cream blushes. With that said, the shimmer powder blushes should be finely milled so it eliminates 'showing up' of pores and fine lines. Cream blushes are a great option for much older skin ie, 60 and up.

Stay away from red and bright pink blush. Do use peaches,corals on medium to fair tones. Oranges, dark pinks and plums on dark skin. They can even double as a subtle cheek contour.

  • Bye Matte Liquid Lippies!

I cant tell you how frustrated I get trying to convince older women that those awesome matte lippies aren't right for them. Thennnnnnn a few days after they tell me I was right. Matte lipsticks are drying. Even young women complain at times how dry they are, and the magic tricks that have to be done to make them look great!

The older you become, the lips lose collagen which gives it the natural plumped appearance. Matte lipstick formulas sadly emphasizes the lines and makes the lips appear thinner.

Don't choose colours that are too dark for comfort or too bright for fancy.

I suggest more than anything else moisturizing with lips and using moisture enriched lipsticks and glosses. Glosses by themselves give a effortless plumped effect (don't over do it now ladies).


If you already have a stack of matte liquid lipsticks don't give them away or throw them out, simply mix them with a clear gloss. Don't give Grandma these for Christmas!

  • Sad flat eyes

The number one mistake mature women make is using matte shadows on they eyes and the second is applying too much shimmer. Both finishes exaggerate fine lines on the eye lids. What do you do? Use eye-shadows with a satin finish which is a sheen rather than a frost; think about that satin fabric looks like. I personally like to shy away from dark colours on the eye lids and prefer neutral tones and pops of color.

Stay away from using black liner on the lower lower lash line, as it gives the eyes a drooping appearance. Use soft browns to lift.


Lashes are your best friend. Don't forget your brows! The older you get the less brows you have, so make sure to fill them in lightly.

  • Powder, on powder, on powder....

A few tips on powders:

  1. Do not use powders that are too light to set under eye highlight. It looks plain horrible and just makes the area more pronounced. Too dark is also a problem.

  2. Too much powder can settle above fine lines and make those lines more visible.

There are two ways I have effectively solved the over powdery look thus far. You can lightly use a translucent powder on a large kabuki brush and gently glide and press into the skin. In areas that are easily creased, take a small eye shading brush and use it to get into those small spaces.

My second method I learned after watching a YT tutorial on mature skin. The Makeup Artist took a fair amount of loose powder, dusted it in his hands, then pressed the powder into his models face. Sounds crazy huh? Yeah I know but it works!

Personally I love making up mature women. I love to see their reactions when I am done, since a lot of them think that they HAVE to use a lot of makeup to make them 'look good' which isn't the case.
Here are some faces of these gorgeous ladies I did.




Less is more.

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