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Mixing Foundation with Powder?

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Mixing Foundation with Powder?

Facebook post edition

Uploaded to Facebook, Jan 16, 2017

A long time ago a friend of mine told me that she tried using a translucent powder before applying her makeup. She liked the results, so I tried it, but I didnt get the finish I expected so I continued my routine as I did then.

Skip to 2 weeks ago, I came across an Instagram video of a MUA who mixed her foundation with her powder and she claimed it gives a more full coverage finish.
I was looking for a way to darken my La Girl Pro Cov foundation without buying the darker shade, when I got a light bulb moment. I pulled out my Ben Nye loose powder in ebony and mixed them in equal portions.

The texture becomes SO much creamier and thick! When applied to the face (I used a buffing brush), it is MATTE and blends all your pores away! I got a lot of compliments on MY SKIN (not the foundation) today and I owe it to this old trick! You can get a medium to full coverage finish with less effort. I wore it for 6 hours and I didnt experience any unexpected creasing!
Im sorry I didnt get a pic before but this is after the 6 hours, working in AC and walking in the hot sun for about half hour)
(No Filter, straight off the camera)

Try it! You may never go back to ordinary!


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