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My Beauty Sponge Dupe Experience

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My Beauty Sponge Dupe Experience
The back story

A few years ago when the beauty blender came out, I decided to try a no name brand dupe. I paid $40TT for it and I was so excited to play with it. All hell broke loose when I followed all the user instructions like the original and it remained hard as a freakin' ROCK! NO WATER ABSORBED!
After writing off all beauty blenders and BS, in 2017 I decided to make a truce and give another dupe a chance.

What It does

These sponges are meant to give you smooth and flawless foundation application. By using it damp and applying foundation in stippling motions, it's supposed to blend your makeup to look more like skin.

The Experience

So I got this pink blender that is shaped like the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge from Sassy Suite Ltd
They are currently $25TT in comparison to the RT sponge which I've seen for the most $70TT. To tell you the truth, I didn't have great expectations and had my bin on stand by (even though I was told it was good).
The sponge itself is very soft to the touch and squeezes easily. THE BIGGEST thing for me was seeing how this sponge actually swells up when placed in water.
I was legit tripping and flipping out when I saw how big this thing expanded! Im like, I know how a sponge is supposed to work, but damn!!! It was like magic!

Make sure to squeeze out properly because you want a damn sponge, not a dripping one.

Day One

I think the sponge was not damp enough so all the foundation was in the sponge and not on my face! My face actually looked dry and patchy so I had to 'amend' my makeup with more foundation! Le Sigh...

Day Two

I decided to use my usual buffing brush to apply my foundation, then use the damp sponge to further blend. What it did was take away the excess product but I still didnt get the results I wanted.

Day Three

Third time's the charm?
This time it seemed like I got the hang of how you use this! I made sure to dampen the sponge just before I was ready to use it and that is when the magic began! I dipped the sponge right into my foundation and then applied to the skin. By using a stippling motion I got the best results and the skin flawless skin finish was definitely seen! It's like my the foundation fused with my skin and they had a baby!
I cant say I am a huge fan of the shape of this particular sponge, so I am eager to try the original 'egg shape'.

#######Day Four
I understand that the beauty sponge can be used to apply powder so I decided to set my highlight with it. I thought the application would be patchy but it blended like a dream! As opposed to the tapered brush I normally use, the damp sponge made the powder sink into my skin and it wasn't that obvious that it was present.

Final Thoughts

I really like the sponge and it definitely has a different application on the skin in comparison to the brush. Would I buy again? YES, but the original beauty blender egg shaped ones. I will give updates one this via Facebook.

Cleaning the Sponge

Every single time it is used, I use antibacterial hand soap to cleanse it. There are many how-to videos on Youtube.

I will update you via Facebook on further thoughts on beauty sponge use as I go along. I cant wait to try the Urban Studio beauty sponges though! They say it's very close in comparison to the Original beauty blender so I cant wait to try!

Share with me any really good sponges you have tried. I think Im already hooked!

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