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My Skin Care Routine

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My Skin Care Routine

This is probably my most anticipated blog post EVER! So many of you have asked me what I do to my skin and how I keep it looking so gorgeous. I am an avid makeup wearer so I have to be very strict with my routine so I am not susceptible to breakouts.

NOW...... my routine aint all that fancy so dont get maddd if it aint what you thought.

I will start with my evening/night time routine, since this is when most of the magic happens... wink wink!

Evening/Night Routine

  • My makeup removal process begins with me using makeup remover wipes in conjunction with coconut oil. The coconut oil helps to easily remove eye makeup and breaks down foundation.

  • I use the Freeman Beauty Dead Sea Minerals Foaming Cleaner to wash my face after removing my makeup. All you need is a pea size and it really gets into your pores and removes dirt. I noticed that the company changed the formula and it is more liquid now. This product is not harsh on the skin as it cleanses without the dry feeling of other products. When in use I wet my face a little first so I can get a lather/foam, and in massage-like motions for about 60 seconds I work the product in, then rinse.

Cost: $25TT

  • This next step I do on an average 3 times a week, which is a facial mask. I go in between the Charcoal and Sugar and Dead Sea Mineral Mask. I did a review about the CHARCOAL MASK so you can check it out! With that mask, the sugar crystals act as a gentle skin exfoliate to take away dead skin too.

  • Next up is the toner! Cuticura Skin + Balance Toner is like no other toner I have ever used! It is non drying but yet still manages to pick up ALL the dirt and grime you may have missed! It contains aloe juice and Im sure that helps soothe the skin and add moisture. With a cotton pad I gently pass it on my face and neck.
    Sometimes I like to gross myself out with the dirt on the pad lolool!!

Cost: $17TT

  • Next up is Vitamin C Serum! I will do a blog dedicated to this stuff soon because it is a fantastic product! It contains L-ascorbic acid and Hyracloric which help boast collagen production, reduces wrinkles and signs of ageing. The Pure Body Naturals one that I have, also comes with a mixture of plant extracts and these will differ from brand to brand.
    With the dropper, I average out enough for face and neck then massage it in. I leave it in for about 5 minutes then proceed to the next step.

Cost: $120TT

  • I make sure to moisturize before bed time and to do so I use the Himalaya Herbals Revitalizing Night cream. It is so thick and creamy so all I need a pee bit and spread it all over my face and neck. After this I just apply my lip balm and off to bed I go!

Cost: $40 - $55TT

A few weeks ago I posted a video to Facebook, just quickly going through some of the facial products listed above. You can watch it below!

Morning Time Routine

  • When I have a bathe in the morning I just wash my face with the Dead Sea minerals face cleaner, moisturize then proceed to my makeup routine. I really dont do much since my skin did it's repairs and what not during sleep time (LOL?!)

The most important part of having great skin is keeping yourself hydrated (DRINK YOUR WATER!!) and eating right. Now about the eating right part, I need to not slack off so much but it does make a difference. After all, you are what you eat. Make sure to cleanse your makeup brushes regularly!! To do so I use 90% isopropyl alcohol to kill any bacterial between washes. Facial brushes tend to harbor a lot of bacteria which can cause breakouts, so to make sure you dont keep re-infecting your face, CLEANSE IT!!


Ladies, it's a mask party! I just love the pampering illusion that masks have. This is a sample of the masks I have tried and cant wait to try! I will do a post about my favorite masks separately and show you which ones work, how they work, and which ones just dont make it. My current favorites are the vitamin C mask by Beauty Treats and the Peach Oxygen Bubble Mask.

That about wraps up my skin routine ladies, and as I said, it aint all that fantastic! If I do have any more facial product beauty finds, I will update you on that via my Facebook page.

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