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Nail Polish of the Week Ep.5 - Summer Favorites & Fruit Slice!

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Nail Polish of the Week Ep.5 - Summer Favorites & Fruit Slice!

It's been a while and half since I've posted a NPOTW! Sorry gals and guys but thing have been crazy over here and my nails needed some TLC after my acrylic flop (blog post in the making). Ugh!

So I got my hands on two of the twelve China Glaze Summer Favorites collection and boy was I glad!

Initially my plan was to get 'Too Yatch to Handle', then I saw 'Turn Up Turquoise' and 'Purple Panic'! These two colors are so beautiful and Im so sorry my camera cant pick up the true color of 'Turn Up Turquoise'! Its more green but my camera apparently wishes it was blue... le sigh.

A little detail about the polish

I got these polishes in the 'midi' size, as in it's between a full size and a mini bottle (9.6 ml / 0.325 fl oz).In the photos I am wearing two coats of polish, which dries very quickly to a matte finish.They also have a blue-ish shimmer to them which is not over powering. So if you like your polishes plan with no shimmer like me, this is do-able. I like it. No problems with the brush or the texture of the polish. These polishes are not limited edition, as I have seen these around and about before so there is no rush to get them.

Just saying.


I was feelin' some fruit slice during the past week, while searching far and wide for nail-spiration. So I got myself a pre-cut fruit slice wheel and used the lemon and orange slices. On my middle finger (left hand) I pulled out a bow nail gem I got from Pam (HI PAM!!!!! LOL). I didnt do the gem on my right hand however, since it is my dominant hand; I have this ridiculous fear that if I use the bathroom to No.2 my gem will fall off ... well... humm.. dont judge me!

Please not that the slices and gem were stuck with nail glue. My only problem is that the slices dont stick flat to the nail. It doesnt look bad, more like a 3D effect. Lastly my index finger got a light coat of 'Pinky Glitter from Sinful Colors.

As always, I used my Jordana ridge filler base coat and Orly Rubberized base coat, then sealed in my polish with Sally Hanson base and topcoat polish for shine and longevity. On top of that I use my Jordana quick dry polish cuz' life is too short to wait on polish to dry!

You can have cute short nails with bling! Perfect for a 'summer' party and even the beach!
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