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City Color Be Matte Lipsticks

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City Color Be Matte Lipsticks

Hands down my favourite matte lipsticks thus far!

Be Matte Lipstick is every girl’s must-have secret! Rich with pigmentation and a matte finish, these lipsticks are touched with Vitamin E to nourish your lips and provide long-lasting color. In 36 stunning shades, you will want to collect them all!


Sleek rectangular-cuboid shaped exterior is slim enough to fit comfortably in your purse and easily stack-able in a makeup case. However, it will not fit in the traditional lipstick holder because of its shape. To apply, uncover cap and turn up the bottom. 'Turn UP!!' Hahaa!!
The name of the color is on the side and the bottom of the package. I have noticed people remember the number of the product, eg. M20 = Lola; my thing is, most of the lippies are named after actual names that would make it easy to remember, but whatever floats your goat.


Thirty - freekin - six lipstick shades!!!! May I add MATTE!! You MUST find a shade fav in this collection as they run from various shades of pinks, reds, oranges and berries. Besides this collection there is the Be Matte Gem collection with black, green, yellow, white and blue of which I will not touching on. Pictured above are nine of mine but I have 11... or is it 12?


Matte formulas tend to be very drying, but you need not worry about those things with these. In my La Girl Matte Lipgloss post I mention some tips on how to apply matte lipstick, so check that out and you will be on your way to the perfect matte lip.
These do not last as long as a liquid matte lipstick but they hang around for like 4-5 hours tops.
They are also true to the color that you see.


I paid $15.00
Drops Mic


Uhhh hell yes! If you have never owned a matte lipstick in your life, you need these! (Where you been hommie?)

My favorite of this bunch is Francesca. Amazing color pay off! (see below for pics of me wearing some!)

How many of these lippies do you own? Someone once told me they had .. ALL? I was like DAMN!I cant blame them, because it is worth it. Tag me to your collection on IG or any of my social links listed below or comment below this post!

I would love to see!
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Me wearing Fracesca

Me wearing Ultra Pink


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