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Nail Polish of the Week Ep. 8 - Halo Hues!

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WOW guys! It has been a hella long time since I've posted any #NPTOW! So since it is nearing Christmas time,it is time to bring out the glitters, shimmers and holos!
This week I am wearing the Color Club Halo Hue in 'Miss Bliss'. It was part of the Halo Hues Collection 2013 but some how it found itself in between the 2015 collection at work!
Thanks to April for gifting this polish to me! :)

This is beautiful holographic polish that will dazzle where ever there is light and awesome for the holidays!
In the photos are 2 coats of the polish which is impressive!

This is it here in natural light, no direct sunlight.

Here it is in direct sun light

With flash

Sort of close up on the rainbow effect

I used my Jordana ridge filler b/c,Garlic b/c and Orly Rubberized base coat.This time I sealed in my polish with Orly Glosser for shine and longevity. On top of that I use my Orly in a Snap! quick dry polish cuz' life is too short to wait on polish to dry!

You can get these polishes at Wonderful World TT locally or at Color Club's website.
Have a great week guys until next time,



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