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New Beginnings - Year 2019

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New Beginnings - Year 2019

Let me first start by saying that I am not very good at writing sappy new year post.
However, let us prepare for January being that awkward month of wishing everyone "Happy New Year!" and replying "Same to you".

On this first day of January, I would like to thank all of my subscribers and active readers for visiting this site and sharing my content.
Of course I cant not mention my dearest husband for site maintenance, content ideas and moral support.

I would personally like to thank my friends who have contributed to past blogs and ones in draft.
Special thanks to my dearest twin London, my birthday twin Jazzy Baptiste, and beauty entrepreneur , Destiny Godley for all their love and positivity.

This year I started a new loc journey, went to places locally that I had never been to, made new friends, been a better wife, learnt new things and picked up a particular interest in wax and aroma candles (lol).

In 2019 I want to push myself to the absolute limit. I crave to be more knowledgeable, learn a new skill, be a better blogger, read more books, create new connections and generally be BRAVE. I can be an absolute pusillanimous at times but Im moving with POSITIVE and GOOD VIBES ONLY!! is now on Instagram as IAMSHAINABROWN. This is after a few weeks of IG finally releasing the handle. Couldnt get '' though. Blehh

Cheers to new beginnings and good vibes only.

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2018 has had it's ups and downs but I made it through. Did not accomplish everything I wanted, but tomorrow brings another day and opportunity. ? 2019 I'm excited for it. I am spending more time doing to things I love, doing what is fulfilling, creating ways to bring in the 'bags' taking care of ME, both physically and mentally. As a blogger I also need to read more ?. I guess you can say that's my resolution. (God I hate saying that word lol) ?? Blogging aint as easy as it seems but I'm committed to getting my blog where it needs to be. Thank you to all who have read, shared , commented and given me a chance this year. ?? Currently the wine is chilling, food is already prepared and my @bathandbodyworks 'Good Vibes Only' is lit. Photo taken a little while ago by yours truly ? It's my mantra for 2019. Happy New Year. Xoxo Shaina . . #happynewyear2019 #newyearseve #bathandbodyworkscandles #bathandbodyworks #bathandbodyworksph #blog #blogger #bloggerstyle #bloggers #trinidadt

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