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Savannah Grass ready 2k19

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Savannah Grass ready 2k19

Beauty Edition - Skin

Whether you are doing your own makeup or getting it professionally done for Carnival, there are a few skin tips you should keep in mind before and after gracing the stage.
Your skin will be exposed to heat and dust for hours!
To keep it looking stunning all day, follow these simple steps.

  • Before you apply your makeup, sure to MOISTURIZE your skin! Try an oil-free, SPF moisturizer. If you need one, check out these options. You really want to hydrate your skin to face that blazing sun. The SPF will protect from UBV rays that can cause sun burn and skin damage.

  • If you havent heard about a hydrating mist before, you should now! Hydrating mist are formulated to refreshen the face and is ideally applied after a few hours of makeup wear. Some have sophisticated ingredients that is perfect for spraying on naked skin. If you feel like your skin needs a moisture boost, generously mist. Dont worry, your makeup will stay intact.

  • Try your best and stay away from those oil primers. With the heat being experienced, oil with simply breakdown the foundation. Your makeup will run and not to mention and oily canvas. If you want to glow, try powder or oil free liquid types.
    Refer to the first tip.

  • I dont know about you, but matte lipsticks, no matter how comfortable, eventually dry out the lips. This can apply to both liquid and solid types.
    To alleviate you can either do two things:

  1. Remove and reapply your lipstick after a few hours with lip balm below
  2. Apply a lip-gloss on top and swatch up the look.
    You really dont want to wake up Ash Wednesday with chapped uncomfortable lips.
  • A good translucent powder is great for touch-ups during the day. Quickly swirl the powder brush in and press the powder into the skin, then dust off the rest. Look for translucent powders that are not solely silica! Silica tends to leave flashback in photography. A personal favourite of mine is the Sacha Cosmetics Translucent powder. It absorbs quickly into the skin and does not leave white residue.

  • After care is very important and this is where you really need to treat your skin. REMOVE THAT MAKEUP! Your face has been exposed to the elements all day and it is quintessential that you remove that makeup! You want to clean the skin and reduce your chances of getting breakouts. Use the following steps:

The next day follow up with a hydrating and plumping mask. Take that time to unwind and relax yourself (especially those feet!).

These tips are applicable anytime you wear makeup. If they are of any help to you click the heart button!
Have any tips to share? Comment down below!

Until next week,
XOXO Shaina


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