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Shades of Melanin - Ep 4 - Getting Nail Social

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Shades of Melanin - Ep 4 - Getting Nail Social

When I started @allthatandaboxofpolish nail blog Instagram account, I was just happy to swatch my hundreds of nail polish and try crazy nail art.
I never thought anyone would reach out to small ol' me swatch their polishes, but on May 18, 2017 Nail Social Nail Brand did.
Since then Tasia Collins, and I have just clicked and I want you guys to meet her too!

  • Who is Tasia Collins and where are you from?

Hi, I'm Tasia Collins and I'm the owner/creator/mixer of Nail Social Nail Brand. I'm a hardworking mother of a 8 (going on 28 lol) year old daughter. I'm 32 years old and I'm born and raised in Detroit, MI. I've always had a passion for nail polish and the nail salon since around kindergarten and it grew from there.

  • What or who inspired you to start your own nail polish line?

Around 2005 I made a list of goals for myself for some class that I took. The goals were honest no matter how obtainable they were, I made a list. On the list was to create my own nail polish. Fast ward to three years ago, two close and very important people in my life passed away within months of each other, and that gave me the push to start my own polish line.
It gave me the push to do a lot of things that I've been taking my time with, because it made me realize that you MUST go after your goals. From the small ones that doesn't seem like much, to the large ones that make you wonder how can it be possible. I realized life was incredibly too short to not go after the things you desire.

  • What was the first polish colour you ever created?

The first successful color I created was "Sassy & Classy", it's a warm purple shimmer with tiny rainbow flakes. it's a very cute color, even though I'm not too fond of purple. I named it after my best friend Instagram account- "A woman must be 2 things Sassy & Classy." I made "blue you away" before that, but I hated it, so it wasn't pretty, until a while later.

Sassy & Classy

  • As a nail blogger I find there is a lack of diversity when it comes to swatching of polish. For you as a polish maker, what are your thoughts?

As a polish maker, It is a priority to me to see our skin tone on a beauty product period. I'm a very open minded maker, and I want that displayed throughout my company. Its not just a world of porcelain or almond complexion people, so why not embrace and celebrate women of color. And if you have a beauty product, what's wrong with having a swatch of multiple skin tones? Whenever you are purchasing a product, the entire time your looking at the product thinking "How will this look on me?" My main focus is women of color, because I am one. I test ALL of my products on myself first, so when I'm making them, I always tweaking them especially skin toned natural shades.

  • What is biggest challenge you have had since launching?

What is a nice way to put this.... lol. Basically for some people to see what you see in your brand. Everything that I've done thus far has been a solo decision, and I can't complain because it's a passion. It's just annoying at times when people close to you ask, "well, why are you doing that or stick with getting your degree", especially from people that aren't beauty product junkies. But I choose to have my cake and eat it too. ?

  • How important is customer service in your business?

Customer service will make or break your business hands down. I cant trust anyone to answer any email for me yet, so I'm replying, mailing, mixing and packaging all by myself. So I'm able to control the customer service aspect very well. We all are customers of someone else's products, how many times have we walked in a store and have gotten rude service or ordered something online with a complaint or question with no reply? Would you return?

  • Having a business is hard work! What keeps you going when things are up and down?

Running a business is hard, but it's what I wanted so there is no turning back. What keeps me going is that anything worth having you have to work hard for it and put your time, sweat and energy into it.

  • Your polishes are fantastic! This question may be hard but which polish is your favorite?

My favorite??? That's too hard to choose just 1 color! My favorite 3 are: All this Winnin'- a 2 toned purple to gold flake polish, Apologies in Ca$h- a pretty gold micro flake with a hint of green polish and Bleutiful- a vivid royal blue metallic polish.

  • Besides nails I am a makeup artist! What is your MUST HAVE makeup item in your hand bag?

Well in my purse I MUST have the following: a MAC lipglass, a Burt's chap-stick, liquid eyeliner, and maybe a small jar of coconut oil just in case. lol. I definitely will not leave the house without my brows filled in, that's a requirement.

Tan Lines and Apologies in Ca$h

  • Where do you NSNB in the near future?

My plans for NSNB in the future is to have them placed in cute, trendy nail havens and spas where women of colors will appreciate them. Also to have them in a national store, like Wholefoods. I also plan to incorporate more products, so stay tuned.


  • Beard gang or clean cut?

Beard gang?!!!

  • Any hidden talents?

I don't have any talents, I dont think! Maybe If creating/researching colors count. Lol

  • Spider-man or Bruce Wayne?

    Don't shoot me, I'm not into comics, so neither.

  • Current favorite song on playlist.

So I didn't know who Sza was like 2 months ago, but her songs has been playing on my Pandora and didn't know. The Weekend, That song speaks I Iove it. Bodak yellow is still good, I liked Cardi before Love & Hip Hop. And anything Rihanna makes.

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