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The case of the Yoni egg and the Vagina

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The case of the Yoni egg and the Vagina

Listen to me!
I Shaina of, AKA Shaina Strawberrie is completely baffled by yoni eggs!!

For the life of me I couldnt understand its purpose, far less how to remove them from the vagina! Praise be to my loonnng time friend Rennee of Afro Gypsy Yoni Services for clarifying this for me. I knew I couldnt be the only one confused and interested, so I asked her to clear the air for us all!

Afro Gypsy also has vaginal steaming services and basically all the vaginal care items you need for your couchie :P You can find her on Instagram and Facebook for more information.

Yoni eggs - Photo: Nirvana Wild

So Yoni Eggs are an egg shaped gemstone used as a tool to help strengthen a woman's pelvic floor muscle.

This is important because as we get older or have babies, we can become susceptible to certain reproductive health issues such as fibroids.
The pelvic floor tends to get weak as well.

The easiest way to prevent a weak pelvic muscle, is by doing Kegel exercises (named after the doctor who created the technique). However, we never grew up knowing about kegels and the few that did know, associated it with tightening your vagina or being sexual. As a result it was not practiced or talked about publicly amongst young women.

Unfortunately, we have young women in their early twenties suffering from incontinence or lack of sensitivity. There are women in their 40s and 50s who have never experiencing an orgasm because of lack of sensitivity or delayed reaction to arousal. Yoni eggs benefit women on many levels (as I so often mention lol) but it works by adding a weight to the tension caused by the kegel exercises which allows to you feel and move the egg along the vaginal canal.

Imagine strengthen training.

You are doing bicep curls without weights - something is being done but no true effect is taking place, but when the weights are added ( ie the Yoni egg ), true training begins.

The pelvic floor is a hammock suspending the bladder, reproductive organ and rectum allowing them to stay in position while movement of the human body occurs. When weak or strained, it can result in leaking urine when coughing, sneezing, laughing or running. In some unfortunate cases, failing to reach the bathroom in time. A weak pelvic floor can also make one unable to control flatulence. The benefit of using a yoni egg is that it can reduce these issue.

How is it inserted?

The egg is strung with natural cotton or nylon string.
It is inserted with the larger side of the egg first into a moistened and relaxed vagina.

(Shaina interupting here. Ammm how???)

This can be achieved by doing breast massages, deep breathing or using a lubricant like Tefnut Yoni Oil with the string staying outside like a tampon as you practice the kegel exercises. Depending on the size of egg you can keep it in for 30 mins to approximately 3hrs.
Remember, just like everything in the world there must be balance. You can practice 3-4 times per week with the egg but keep doing kegels without it everyday.

Eggs sold at my business comes with an instructional guide ensuring you are knowledgeable and comfortable using our authentic and safe yoni eggs. There is a also continuous support even after purpose.

What do I mean?
Some time ago a client called me panicking that this was the first time she tried it without the string and she can't remove it. I coached her through the process and reassured her that this is a normal occurence when using it without the string. The egg actually wasn't stucked that it couldn't be removed. She was so used to pulling it out with the string, that when it was time to remove she panicked and this caused her vaginal muscles to tense, thus holding on to the egg. By coaching her through, in less than three minutes the egg was at her vaginal opening and was easily removed without any injury.

So, if you ever decide to buy a Yoni Egg ensure you ask your supplier about authenticity, usage, dos and donts, sizing and so on ?

Yoni eggs with strings attached and a very questionable dildo looking insert ?

Ladies, (and gents if you reading too) I hope you have better understanding of that yoni eggs are and the purpose of it. Honestly Im still a bit skeptical about trying it, but I have heard that it works, especially for those who have bladder issues.
Have you tried the yoni egg? Comment below and tell me what your experience was or if you would consider getting one.
Thanks Rennee!

Cover photo: Photo by Dainis Graveris on Unsplash


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