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Undercut Tattoos? WHAT??

Shaina Strawberrie -

What in the world is that?!

Well it seems to be the big buzz in the hair styling arena, but to tell you the truth is isn't actually really new.

Men have been rocking this style for ages! Of late, (just to name a few) Brad Pitt, Bruno Mars, Miguel, Rae Sremmurd and a hella lot of hot male models! The undercut is basically a hairstyle in which the sides and back are shaved and long hair is grown at the top of the head. You know.... that style where guys can make the cute 'man bun'.

Now about the 'tattoo' part. It aint really a tattoo, it's the elaborate cutting styles by 'Le Barber' from the nape to the mid - back of the head. Even though I have seen in some cases where people have actually taken tattoos in that area. Im guessing that is where the term came from.

Ladies have been rocking this style since early 2015! I remember seeing a popular natural hair Youtuber rocking out this style and I was like DAMN! THAT'S HOT!

Now I dont know who this sista is (unknown photo credit) but DAMN! She is rocking it! Afro puffs and all!

Now this cut is really a bold one but I dig it.
Would it be a trend that will last? I think it would as it is a very futuristic look and it's edgy.

I'm still trying to reach my hair length goal, so I will pass on a style like this. :P



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