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Why Im not hyped about makeup

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Why Im not hyped about makeup


This blog post is based on my opinions, backed by facts. There is no reason for anyone who spends their hard earned money how they see fit, to feel any type of way toward me because of the topic discussed here.
YOU ARE FREE to disagree

I know you may be looking at the title and going "Wheeeettt?"

Shaina the beauty writer, advisor and artist is not hyped anymore about makeup. Personally a few months ago I found myself descending down a covetous path of virtual consumption.

I would scroll and my eyes would get bigger as I saw items I lusted after, but did not necessarily need. This was to the point were I began to question my ability as an artist based on the products I currently used.
Maybelline has a great line of foundations and it works so well! Why do I feel like I need to buy a $400 foundation for my kit (or myself) when I dont charge that much anyway?
To impress who?
Silly huh?

After much self reflection and observing the obvious, I realized something. The majority of these companies are shoving the same makeup down our throats; Different packaging, same product.
Take for example, Milk Makeup, Huda Beauty and Colourpop Cosmetics. These three brands released setting powders within a few weeks from each other:

Colourpop - June 14th
Huda Beauty - July 2nd
Milk Makeup - August 7th

Many consumers (thanks to great marketing teams) will be 'convinced' by ads and beauty influencers that these are 'MUST HAVES' and some people will collect them all like Pokemon.
(What is so different about the on you already have?)

Dont let me get started on all the eye-shadow palettes that look the same, and we still want to buy them all!

A gazzillion foundations, highlighters of all kind, powder, lipstick, GOD! We are drowning in this billion dollar vanity blackhole!

Allowing yourself to get carried away into a spending spree, its both financially and mentally unhealthy.

Why do we feel like we need so much?


Greed is defined by Merriam-Webster Dictionary as 'an intense and selfish desire for something, especially wealth, power, or food.'
In this case we can place makeup in the wealth category. As much as we do not want to admit it, the more expensive the makeup item, the more we can brag about having it.
Imagine buying a $1000 eye-shadow palette.
You may either do a few things:

  • May never use it and keep it as a trophy.

  • If you do use, most likely go to social media to show off to the world what you used.

  • If you are a MUA, make that MF work for its monaaaay!

Sadly most people are points one and two. Let me break it down:

Point one is basically the hoarder. She or he buys all this makeup because it looks pretty and its a status symbol. "Oh look at me! I just bought all this makeup! look at how much money I spent cuz I can!"
Ok but who really cares?

Point two is the makeup enthusiast or MUA who will spend out on these products to be part of this virtual community. Now mind you, I am not referring to people who beauty blog and do reviews, even though they are just as susceptible to falling victim of hoard-ism. However, I would like to think that purchasing a $1000 palette just to get a 'like' or 'share' on Instagram is not the motivation to get the product.
According to, Sofie writes that in the age of social media, we want to feel accepted or be part of a community - the beauty community. There is nothing wrong with that, but when your reasoning financially and mentally strains you, you need to re-evaluate your priorities.

This right here is my ultimate weakness!!! I love pineapples and I would solely want this because of that. Is it a need? Absolutely not...
Tarte Pineapple of my Eye - Christmas Collection -

What science says...

So I am no scientist but I can only relay to you what I have read from research.
Let's start with Dopamine.
According, Dopamine is a neurotransmitter, a chemical responsible for sending messages between the brain and different nerve cells of the body.
Simple enough right?
On the contrary, dopamine plays a part in our emotion and how we feel as it regulates how we comprehend and experience pleasure. When we engage in pleasurable things, like eating chow, doubles or cake and ice-cream dopamine are released. This causes us not to forget the experience and want to experience it again and again. It is the exact same as when you are gyrating on a 'bumpa' or flat out having sex.

My point?

If you consider the act of clicking 'add to cart' and receiving that Sephora shipment in the mail, 'orgasmic'? Well that is your dopamine neurons having an orgy, satisfying your wants.

You think these marketing and public relations teams dont know this?
This is a business, and they know how to play on human psychology. They more they 'tell you want you want', the more you buy and fill their pockets.

In a New York times article it is stated that "In 2001, during a tough economic crisis, Estée Lauder reported that it had record-breaking lipstick sales and dubbed the phenomenon the "lipstick effect." Women needed a quick fix to feel better, and lipstick seemed to do the trick."

Basically, even though we may not have the money, we still want to feel good and it is highly wasteful and irresponsible.

Take back your purse and purchasing power (from yourself).

Let's make better decisions

Lets is be very very VERY honest with ourselves. There is always that ONE eye-shadow palette, foundation, bronzer, highlighter and lipstick that is your hands down, go-to, sugar dumplin', always use it every single day - favourite.

Most times the other products just sit there with googly eyes, yearning for the day you pick it up to use.
Here is what to do.
JUST USE WHAT YOU HAVE and buy only what you absolutely need ie, refills!!

Play a duping game with your makeup. Challenge yourself to recreate a look with similar colours to a inspiration picture.
You will find yourself being more creative with what you own and you should feel very proud of yourself cuz you slayyyed that!

I came across her very small vlogger named Kaya Empire, and she was explaining why she stopped buying makeup. I think it is worth a watch and I am sure you may agree with many of her points.
Away from just being more financially responsible, I hope that you understand the importance of being a better decision maker in general.

Strengthen your will power and self control!

There are really great products out there, but it doesnt faze me anymore. Of course there are items that will make my senses tingle and I can think of a good few! However, I am going to be cautious about how I spend my money on vanity.
There are more important things in life, than just a pretty face (that wipes off the end of the day).

Dont believe the hype,
XOXO, Shaina

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