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I finally did THE BIG 'W'!

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I finally did THE BIG 'W'!

Gosh guys, this is so huge for me, and I know it may seem a bit weird or even a bit silly but I have to share it with you!
When you are busy adulting, it is easy to forget the simple things in life that make you smile or make life worth living. For me it all started with a trip to Mayaro for some relaxation. On the way back passing on the Manzanilla stretch, it happened:

HIM: You sure you want to get it?
ME: Yesss. We will stop by the first one and see.
HIM: Aight.

Drive, drive, drive and finally stops.

ME: Hello! How much a pound?
LADY: Two dollars!
ME: Ok. Picks it up and inspects. OK this one!
LADY: Ten pounds.

I paid, thanked her and carefully cradled my juicy friend.

And there my friends was the first time I EVER bought a whole watermelon!

By the time I took the photo, half was already eaten and my God was it sweet and juicy!
Never mind the fact that my husband and I googled to decipher if it was really ripe and when was a good time to eat it. (HA!)

I guess my point is, life is short so enjoy it and cherish every moment, even if it's buying a 10 pound watermelon and getting excited about it.

? Shaina ?


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