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Achieving flawless, with less

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Achieving flawless, with less

It's like every time I scroll through Instagram, some 'beauty influencer' is showing you how to look like a circus freak. There is absolutely NO NEED to kill your face with so many layers of foundation and concealer. Dont get me started on the never ending trend of terrible over highlighting and contouring.

When women ask me what foundation I use, my answer baffles them!
Let me let you in on my secrets ?.

1. Skin care on 100

Well ... maybe 70% lol. Because of my job, I am an avid makeup wearer, so I have to keep my skin clean and hydrated all the time. As you guys know, I lovvve the Freeman Beauty line, so that is my go to.
For my makeup routine, I start with a night time moisturizer (YES) then apply my primer.

2. I dont wear foundation!

Tee hee hee! Yes you read right! I dont. I take concealer, place it under my eyes, round my mouth and nose then blend it out. I then take my flat top powder brush, and press my Ruby Kisses Mineral Powder into my skin. It provides enough coverage that I dont need foundation!
Please be reminded that when using powder only, it is imperative that you properly moisturize your skin prior to application. If you dont, then the skin tends to look patchy and dry. For maximum results, use a flat top powder or foundation brush as this concentrates the coverage and is key to the flawless factor.

Instead of using concealer to highlight my face, I use a lighter powder instead. I dont contour. Instead, I use blush (on my cheeks!) to cheat a defined cheek bone.

3. Setting Set Set!

At this stage I kind of abuse my setting spray power. It keeps my makeup locked in and skin like all day long! It allows the powder-y finish to diminish and gives your skin the 'I woke up like this' appearance.

Clean skin, bold eyes, bold lips

At this point, you can go all out and crazy on the eyes and lips. Now dont get my wrong. Im not saying dont highlight and contour or use foundation, because I still do. However, this is a great way to save on your base products.

Most importantly, you dont need a ton of makeup to feel beautiful or flawless.
Stay gorgeous!



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