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Post Carnival Makeup 2018 Beauty Insider

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Post Carnival Makeup 2018 Beauty Insider

How to avoid being a P***********l apprentice.

'Ah have ah tabanca!'
'Carnival tabanca!!'
(Repeat x 2)

I have actually never played mas, played jouvert or been to a fete in my entire life. Closest I have been to any sort of Carnival bacchanal was campus carnival. Oh! and that time in sixth form when I was with Jaye in St. James and Sherwin Winchester was performing on a big truck and I got a big hug. Should have challenged him to a rag spin off... woe is me. This is partially due to being a ' church girl' for a great portion of my life... heh ha!

Any whooo Im here about the makeup, and how to actually be better at Carnival makeup next year and beyond.

1. Plan looks and time yourself.

I for one like to take my god given time to do a face. For Carnival time, according to your client number, you have to pick up the pace and work diligently.
Have an idea of what looks you want to create based on the costume your client is wearing. Write it down, draw it, colour it and choose your pigments to suit.
Gem placement is another time consuming event. I suggest you:
a) Get a gem-picker-upper-person
b) Get a wax pencil, so you dont fumble to pick them up.

Makeup Artist: Amit Lall

2. Ease up on the foundation nah!

The absolute LAST thing you want is for clients to complain about 'their face feeling heavy'.
I was chatting with my friend Amit and we agreed that more focus should be placed on the BASE to ensure longevity and less on product. Your client is going to sweat, be at the mercy of the sun and probably get a wet, and its really embarrassing to see makeup running down their face. We suggest:
a) Good face primer.
b) long wear foundation, just use less.
c) press that powder into the skin.
d) SET SET SET with a setting/finishing spray to lock it all in!

Makeup Artist - Shaina Brown

3. Choose your lip wear wisely.

Matte lips are fantastic for Monday and Tuesday. However, when choosing your type of matte lipstick, be mindful of the comfort level of it.
Makeup Artist Amelia Aziz tells all on how she did it this season:
"For matte lips I actually really love colorpop ultra mattes and the Sacha Cosmetics liquid lipsticks.
My lip tips are:

  1. Before starting makeup I have my clients use a lip balm because you get the longevity you want from liquid lipsticks which tend to dry out the lips a bit so I just make sure it's hydrated before.
  2. Use a liner before applying the lipstick and when applying it, use one layer so that it doesn't get too thick and crack."

Makeup Artist - Amelia Aziz

4. Dont be afraid of shimmer, glitter and le bronza!

Tastefully go all out with a combo of all or pick a favorite. Also ensure to get feedback from your client on their preferences.
Remember when using glitter, a glitter primer is your best friend. I suggest, the ELF glitter primer and LA Splash glitter elixir.

Makeup Artist - Renicia de Roche

5. Stencils for the win!!

Now you cant just be basic when applying stencils eh! Yes they are convenient for quick face art BUT you have to have some style with it.
Combine your pigments or glitter wisely and throw in some rhinestones for added drama.

Makeup Artist - Nakasa Thatcher-Roberts

As for yourself personally,

  1. Get comfortable foot wear! You may be on your feet for some hours. My friend Alicia J Walters, suggested CROCS and she swears by it! For those now staring off in makeup, I think all of us MUAs would agree that a directors chair (or if you dont have one, a tall bar stool) will definitely ease your back. You will be doing a lot of moving about, blending here, there, and every where.

  2. Keep hydrated

  3. Take a little break in between even if its 10-15 minutes to recuperate or eat something. When you are tired, you can find yourself rushing. We have no place for sloppy work.

  4. Plenty clients? Cant do all yourself?
    GET HELP! Share the work with another MUA you have chemistry with, or hire an upcoming MUA who wants some practice and experience.

  5. Actually know what the hell you are doing.
    I can speak from experience and I am not ashamed of mistakes (sometimes lol) I have made in the past. As long as you learn from them, you are on your way to being great. No one starts off being the best makeup artist and knowing everything there is to know about makeup. Heck! Im still learning something new all the time. I believe we owe it to ourselves and to your clients to be better artist in this ever evolving industry. We are in the service industry, mostly an industry of making people feel good and feel confident.
    Either do better or GTFO!!
    Dont have people leaving your chair looking like road kill taxidermy.


My name is Shaina, but most people know me as Strawberrie (my social media name).
I started doing makeup because of a love and passion for art. This was about the age of 17 and as I got older, that love slowly started making its way to my face. With lots of practice and a supportive partner, I gathered the confidence to face the beauty industry as a Makeup Artist and Educator.
XOXO, Shaina


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