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All that and A Box of Polish

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All that and A Box of Polish

Ever since I was a little girl I loved nail polish and most of all, I love colours.
I remember quite vividly growing my nails in secret competition with my mother as I adored the strength of her square shaped nails.
Fast Forward to present my love for my square shaped nails is ever present and painting my nails is sort of like therapy.

For this reason I have started a new Instagram account for them!


Why the name?

Well... I have been storing my polishes in a cardboard box for some time so I thought the name was fitting. Also it is a play on the saying 'All that and a bag of chips' ?

What inspired you to start this account?

I have close to 300 nail polishes. What a great way to use them up right? LOL!! But the deeper reason is that I had a hard time finding black nail bloggers. Also, every nail account you come across the nail models are of one hue. Im like, " girls wear and love polish too you know!" The nail world needs some diversity so I have decided to add a little chocolate to the mix. ?

Do you still keep your polishes in a box?

No. As of last Tuesday they were placed in a draw LOL!! Besides, keeping them upright is better for their longevity.

What is your favorite type of polish?

I live for cream polishes, but I really dig crelly/milky polishes, holos and shimmers.

What is your greatest nail peeve?

When women say, "That colour is nice but not for my fingers, its a toe colour..."
To me there is no such thing as a toe and finger colour. Polish is polish.
Who made up that 'rule' anyway?

So I am a polishaholic ... basically. Dont forget to go to Facebook and check out my nail group Caribbean Polisaholics and post your fancy nails!

Have you followed yet? What are you waiting for!! Do It!!

XOXO Shaina


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