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Ruby Wing Solar Changing Polish

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Hey there! It's been a while since I have done a nail polish post or a review so lets get right to it.

Ruby Wing describes their polish as:
"Ruby Wing® is every free spirit's dream: nail polish that changes color in the sunlight or daylight with SolarActive® technology." (via Instagram).

Basically these polishes change to a different colour when exposed to the sun. Please note this is NOT a mood changing polish or a temperature changing polish.
A fun fact is that Color Club is the maker of RW... guess ya didnt know that huh. I got two and I will edit this page to show the other by next week.

In the mean time, meet 'Behind the Bleachers' from the 'Spring Fling' collection 2015.
This color is a beautiful warm toned green with golden shimmer. Here it is in it's normal indoor state.

When exposed to sunlight it turns into this fantastic cool toned, mystic dark green. If left long enough it can get even darker!

This is the colour taken with flash. Cool right? Such a sassy aquamarine shade.

In terms of the the application, it was actually very smooth. Pictured are two coats of polish, topped with Seche Vite fast Dry Top Coat. On my ring and pinky finger I took my nail art brush and painted a gold triangular design with Orly's 'Glitz and Glamour'.

Here they are side by side for comparison.

I really enjoyed this colour and it is officially my favorite green polish to date.

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