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Post 'Summer' Blog

I havent posted an entry in a while cuz I have been busy with sooo many things. If you didnt know, I am the Lead Cosmetic Beauty Advisor at Wonderful World TT and I do blog entries for their website as well. Below I will be sharing all those wonderful blogs I did over the Summer.
(Header photo: Photography Damian Luk Pat for WW)


Blue Hues ­ Summer Trend 2016

Hey beautifuls! We are currently approaching the best time of the year…SUMMER!
The colour blue seems to be taking over the scene and why not?
Blue + Family = Beach, Blue + BFFs = Pool Party!
Here is how you can incorporate blue to your summer look for 2016!
Electric Blue liquid eyeliner and mascara look fabulous on any skintone! Wear alone or with
a bronzey eye shadow and you have a great look for both day and night fun. Try out NYX
Color Mascara in ‘Blue’ or Studio Liquid Liner in ‘Extreme Blue’.
Not the faint of heart loves.
Blue lips can either look great or really really bad, so find the perfect blue for your skin tone.
If you are medium to dark, try a dark blue and if you are fair ­ light, go for a sky or turquoise
kind of blue. Check out the La Splash Liquid lipstick line for your perfect shade.
Just remember, it’s summer! It’s fun! #YOLO!
China Glaze ‘What I Like About Blue’ from the Lite Brites Summer Collection is a MUST
HAVE! Described as a turquoise blue with silver shimmer, it simply screams ‘POOL!’
‘Too Yacht to Handle’ is so reminiscent of the sea. While at your favorite Wonderful World
Store, ask about the Kiss Nail stickers too! They are fun and easy to apply.

4 Summer Makeup Tips you MUST know!

This time of year for us Trini’s is endless trips to the beach with family and friends! Last
blog I shared with you the blue makeup trend, but this time we go a bit deeper. In order for
that sassy fresh face to last all day long, follow these simple tips!
● Prime Prime Prime!
The most important step in keeping your makeup on ALL day long! We carry a range of
primers in City Color and La Girl, so get yours today!
● Lighter is better
No cake face at the beach mam! Keep your makeup looking fresh, clean and natural with
a sheer coverage foundation or a BBCream. BBCreams are light, evens out the skin and
some even have SPF in them! Try out the LA Girl Pro BB Cream or the Kiss Aqua
BBCream. Best part is, they come in a shades for everyone!
● Lock in the Eye­shadows
Invest in a waterproof eye­shadow primer that is guaranteed to hold your shadows no
matter the wave size! Ruby Kisses Primer Potion is a personal favourite of mine ­ trust
me, it works! Vibrant colours all day long and no creasing!
● Plump Juicy Lips!
Let's skip the liquid matte lipsticks at the beach. Hot sun and dry lips arent the best combo.
However, you can opt for a long wearing lipgloss such as the La Girl Lip Paints. Still want
to wear those mattes? Try the La Colors matte lipsticks­ they are long wearing but not
drying at all! Best ever, at a best price.
Didnt I tell you Wonderful World has got your back? We give you the best tips!
Enjoy your beach runs beach babes! Stay wonderful, #SunDrenched

4 Overlooked Summer Beauty Products You Should Own

What’s up wonderful ladies? Last time I gave you ‘4 Summer makeup tips you must know’,
but these times can last you way past the summer ‘till the rest of the year.
● Sunscreen
Sadly Ms Sun Protection is passed by a little too often...
Your skin is your body’s largest organ and it basically protects your insides. At times we
can take our skin for granted when it comes to frolicing in the tropical sun for hours. Before
you go out the the beach, make sure to do your research on what is the best SPF for your
complexion and skin type.
● City Color Hand Cream
Dont underestimate these pocket sized miracles, they are fantastic! This lotion is
softening, nourishing and enriched with vitamin E to keep your hands ash free! They come
in 4 delicate scents and are available at your nearest Wonderful World.
● Color Club’s ‘Kapow!’
If there was ever the perfect shade of neon pink nail polish you were looking for, look no
further, ‘Kapow!’ is here! This shade was part of the Color Club Poptastic Collection 2014
but don’t you worry, it is still available. Kapow is a bright, hot, neon magenta with subtle
contrasting blue shimmer. On top of that, if you are fair to medium in complexion, it is said
to make your hands appear a bit tanned. Aint that the coolest?
● Nicka K Hydro Care Lip Balm
This product promises to ‘perfect your pout with a surge of moisture. Hydro Care Lip Balm
from Absolute New York is formulated with rich Shea Butter, to soothe and comfort dry,
chapped lips.’ Trust me, it does the greatest job at doing just that! It comes in five fruity
flavours and it keeps the driest of lips, soothes for hours!


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