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Amo Mia Pelle - First time trying home made soap!

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Amo Mia Pelle - First time trying home made soap!

Hello everyone!!!

So from my previous skin care blog post, you would know that I DETEST BAR SOAP, at least the commercial types.
I decided to try Amo Mia Pelle ( Italian - 'I love my Skin') soaps made by Girly Girl Facebook group Admin, Kerleen Alexander in Tobago. These soaps are hand made with natural ingredients that are listed on each bar, which include coconut, olive, avocado oils, shea butter and additional ingredients according to the bar type.
I ordered the Aloe Vera, Peppermint & Lemon Grass bar along with the flagship Girly Girl bar and received the Charcoal & Tumeric.


Amo Mia Pelle bars come individually wrapped in a strong air tight plastic, with the logo, name of the bar, ingredients and contact on it. I like that you can see the marble design and fried flowers through the package!


Now listen Linda! The smell on these are soooooooooo divine!!! You can smell it faintly through the plastic but when you tear it open your nostrils will thank you! At times when I leave the apartment and come back, it perfumes my dressing table area! It is not strong and over powering, so if you are sensitive to smells, you are on your way!


Using for about 2 weeks

I am currently using the Charcoal & Tumeric as a face wash and twice to try for a bath. This one is peppermint scented. You smell it and you feel this fresh feeling on your face, rest of body especially your privates lol!! When I bathe I use the shower clothes that exfoliate the skin and gives a nice lather to your soaps.
What I like about this soap is that it doesnt have my skin feeling dried out and it does a great job at cleansing my face.

Flagship soap, Girly Girl

Should you get it?

These bars start at $30 (which is the ones I got). Some of you may say it is expensive in comparison to regular soap, but think of all the good natural ingredients you are getting that is excellent for your skin!
To know more about these soaps, you can check out Amo Mia Pelle and join the group, Girly Girl.

If you have tried Amo Mia Pelle, comment below and tell me your experience.

XOXO, Shaina

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