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Beauty in the time of Corona

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Beauty in the time of Corona

Update March 25th, 2020:

To date there have been 57 cases covid-19 in Trinidad and Tobago. Beauty stores such as MAC Trinidad and Wonderful World TT have closed their doors. Pennywise is still open for business, but are taking safety precautions with staff and customers.

According to Instyle, the beauty industry’s response to Covid-19 has varied widely. Top US stores like Glossier chose to temporarily close their stores, and Sephora has chosen to canceled in-store beauty services. Morphe has prohibited customers and staff from using product testers, which seems like a reasonable and justified step to ensure customer safety.
There are several cosmetic counters in Trinidad and Tobago, but most are yet to assure customers of their hygienic procedures.
At the time of this publication, there have been four confirmed cases of the Corona virus in the country. There has not been any recent test to confirm whether the virus can live in/on cosmetic items but hygiene should be practiced regardless ;this is not always the case.

Speaking solely on the beauty community, it has taken a financial toll on most, as many beauty professionals are experiencing appointment cancellations due to events postponing or general fear of being in close proximity to others. As for big events in the region, Jamaicas Carnival which was scheduled for April, has now been postponed until October.

The question that seems to be unclear is, "What should we do about our makeup?", "Should we buy?", "Is it safe?", "Can I test it?"

Let me help clarify some lingering questions:

"Should I still get makeup services?"

Yes you can, however...
Make sure to ask your Makeup Artist if everything is sanitized and prepped to service you. A makeup kit MUST ALWAYS be cleaned after ever use anyway regardless of Covid-19. It is just common hygienic practice.
If you have a cold/flu, stay TF home.

Jordon Liberty, Pro MUA goes on a well deserved rant about cleanliness which is worth a share.

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Influencers: Let’s talk a little bit less about ourselves and our fabulous lives for just a moment to address this public health concern. I’ve seen almost no makeup artists or beauty influencers talking about hygiene. So I need to double-down. I’ve had cancer twice...I know what it’s like to live in fear of germs due to a compromised immune system. At one point I was on full quarantine because I had no immune system whatsoever. If we all took care of our own hygiene and considered the health of those around us, we could prevent pandemics from spiking. Don’t panic, wash your hands, spend a little more time at home, be mindful of others, and stop buying all the effin TP. Panic and hysteria is helping no one. Taking a moment to consider your own hygiene is truly your best defense when around others. It will all be ok. Let’s educate ourselves and be thoughtful of one another until things return to normal. Xo

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"Should I buy makeup? But I cant test it!"

Sure you can purchase makeup items online.

You wouldnt be putting that lipstick directly on your damn lips anyway!
Refrain from using germ infested testers on your eyes, lips nose, gawd damn!! I refer you to that video below.
I would personally advise you stay clear of any exposed liquid or stick makeup as they tend the horde the most germs and difficult to sanitize.

Swatch it on your arm then remove with sanitizer or 90% rubbing alcohol.
If you dont want to do that, the internet is at your service, as there are many product swatches available to look at and make a decision. Still not sure if that eyeliner is worth it?

"Can Corona live in makeup products?"

There are no studies to confirm or deny this, as the world is trying to cure the humans first.
Then again, makeup wearers tend to touch their face less when it is applied so you might be in luck! No covid-19 for you!

"How should I clean my makeup stuff?"

90% rubbing alcohol between uses kills most harmful bacteria. You can spay it on your powder products ( face powder, blush, highlighter and eyeshadow palettes ).
There are other makeup cleaning products such as Cinema Secrets Makeup Brush Cleaner which does a great job at sanitizing as well.
This DOES NOT MEAN that you dont wash your brushes!

I hope this was helpful in some way or the other. Stop panicking, wash your hands and pratice proper hygiene.


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