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Things to do since yuh home scratching

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Things to do since yuh home scratching

While we are safely indoors to protect ourselves from Covid-19, the inevitable visitor boredom will come knocking.
We know it have the harden Trinis who still want to move about and be close to everybody like "What Pandemic?" Limit your movements and stay yuh ass inside.
Here are a few things you can do to keep your mind and physical occupied in the meantime.

Stretch and shake yuh body

Take a little walk around the yard in the morning and do a little 10 minute stretch. Live in an apartment? No yard? Whatever space you have, do some light cardio, light stretches or go on Youtube and pull up a Soca or Dancehall rhythm. If you have a spouse, rope them in and make it fun!

Make use of that bathtub

If you are privileged to have such luxuries, choose your favourite bathbomb, explode it in there and enjoy the bubbles. Light a candle or two.
No bath tub? No worries!
Get a barrel or a good sized container and fit yuhself in there.
None of that?
Take a good old shower and bathe.

Read a book!

A book? Yes!
That paper thing with pages.
Dont have a book?
There are free ebooks online but try to stay off the phone because the temptation to go on social media will be strong.

Self Care aka Me time

Think of all the things you thought you couldnt do because you were busy working and write it down. Whether it is taking skin care seriously, trying a new makeup technique, getting finances in order, painting your toes, learning something new, get it done!
You can even do a short course from sites like Cousera and Future Learn. I took a Digital Marketing course a while back and it was very insightful! I will be looking for a new one to do during this time.

Get to know your family

You know those strangers you sometimes see but yall live in the same house?
Yes those people.
This is for families already live in the same house.
Dont say Shaina tell you to have a family reunion!
Take this quarantine time to play a family game, work on fun projects together or just catch up on whats going on in your lives. I mean, you may as well since you are stuck with them for a few weeks.

I hope these suggestions were helful. Im praying the worl gets through this time safely and quickly so we can get back to our regular lives. In the mean time, use the time to your advantage by doing something productive.

Till next post, be safe!


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