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Dread Head

Hey all!

It has been a while since I posted and in this post I have a bit of a surprise! I guess you could tell from the title, I GOT DREAD LOCS!!!!
I am so very excited about this new hair journey and I cant wait to see where it takes me.

Who did my locs?

Thankfully I happen to be friends with a loctician! Shanece Stroud of Naturally Pheirce Loxology did my hair!!!
She is pretty damn good at loc maintenance, and other natural hair services. You can always visit her page and private message her for further information.I stress on the private message her part!
It took like about 8 hours to do my big head but hey, I got to put in a few episodes of 'Luke Cage' and 'Crank 2' within the time.

Why loc my hair?

To tell you the truth, as much as my twist outs looked lovely, I was just fed up of it all! My hair can be categorized as 4b or 4c textured, which if you know is a bit challenging to maintain. I have had more lows than highs with my hair and I needed a change after 3 years of going natural. For one thing, I know my hair thrives and grows extremely well when untouched and not manipulated. For a long time my husband convinced me to 'go for it' and so I finally took the leap.

Twist out before locs

It took me a while to get dreads because I knew if I did it, there was no turning back with me! No wigs (possibly), no weaves, no big puffy afro, no cute fluffy curls. TRUST ME! I will miss them all, but I want healthy hair.
Besides, I look damn cute with these locs!!


Not too big, not too small, just enough to give me some nice thick medium locs. Naturally Phierce specializes in loc extensions, so if you want to skip the awkward short phase like me, you have that option.

Loc Care

Coconut Oil to the scalp with a massage and the occasional rose water spritz. This is all I do once every 2 days. Im still learning how to care for my locs but in the mean time, my regime is simple.
It's almost a month since they are in and I have washed them once because my scalp was acting up! I have a dry scalp problem... ughh. I will soon post how I combat this issue. One thing I have learnt is that healthy scalp equals healthy hair. Other than that, just leave it alone.


If you want to see more of my locs, you can follow me on IG @shainastrawberrie and I will be sure to update you on his journey as I go.



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