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Hair Discrimination | Shea Moisture

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Hair Discrimination | Shea Moisture

Facebook post edition

This post was inspired by the recent Shea Moisture "Hair Hate " campaign AD controversy. I am all for business's especially black business's expanding their demographic. However, in this instance I seemed as if Shea Moisture sidelined kinkier and coily textures for the more softer curls and naturally straight hair.
What happened to the 4 a,b and c hair textures that experience HAIR HATE THE MOST? They were COMPLETELY left out! To place naturally straight textures and curly/kinky hair textures under one roof is silly because we dont have the same hair issues.
A couple decades ago black woman couldnt wear their hair in it's natural state to work as it was deemed unacceptable. How can caucasian women (as portrayed in the commercial) relate to that?

Bear in mind SM is known to be a brand of products made WOC with curly and kinky textured hair.

Video courtesy 'Love Tea and Happiness'

My post

Does hair texture discrimination exist?


When people think of 'going natural' they have this image of a cute mix raced girl with a big, long curly afro blowing in the wind. So much so that when most hair companies advertise their natural hair products, those type of images are fed to us.
What about the chicks with the tight curls, the short nappy fro, the 4a,b,c textures? "NO! That is not the kind of natural we want!"
It almost seems like we are conditioned into what kind of curl is 'acceptable'. It's not enough that we ditched the relaxer and re-created a revolution of girls who accept their kinks... now THIS.
THEN there is THIS:
"I dont want no hard head man cuz if I have a girl child I want her hair to be soft and nice. I cyah go tru dis 'n**ger head thing..."

I found this clip last night. Richelieu Dennis of SheaMoisture came was a guest on the show demonstrating their hair line on 3 audience members.

Many have the same attitudes toward kinky textures like Wendy Williams does, and it is outright humiliating and disgusting.

Why does this even matter? It matters because some where there is a little girl with kinky hair is questioning why she cant have THAT type of hair, hating her own crown and wishing she were someone else.


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