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The Makeup chair & " yuh STINK mout'! "

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The Makeup chair & " yuh STINK mout'! "

All parliament jokes aside (only Trinis will get that), recently a good friend of mine got married and I had the honor of making her look extra special on her big day. During the bridal trial, she said something to me that no client had ever said before.

She said," Shaina, you know, the you are one of the few people to ever do my makeup and your breath doesnt smell."
I was baffled for a minute; actually it was more like speechless and then we burst into scandalous laughter. I thanked her kindly while she proceeded to tell me her bad experience.

As makeup artists and beauty professionals, do we ever think twice about our breath as we are so close to people's faces? Makeup takes about an average 45 minutes to complete and you are going to be in someones face for that long! For one, I am always conscious of my breath for a couple reasons:

  1. Im almost always in someones face, either talking or testing products. Most times its the first measure of contact. I rather them remember me for having a wonky lash day than a temporary trip to the land fill.

  2. If it aint right, I dont feel comfortable. Desperately searches for 'The Lord of the Mints' (or a tooth brush, which ever is convenient at the time).

  3. I owe it to clients to provide quality service in a comfortable environment. Imagine a client spending $300+ to get their makeup done and cant breathe!

I do realize that the issue of oral hygiene is a touchy subject but someone had to say it and potentially help a beauty professional who is struggling. Here are a few simple tips to help you out:

  1. If you do realize you have a problem, please see a dental professional as soon as possible.

  2. Always have mints or gum on hand.
    Most people believe that chewing gum is unprofessional on the job, however I personally think its a non issue. Just dont chew like Watermelondrea.

  3. Carry a bottle of water with you.
    This is key especially if you will be speaking a lot. When the mouth gets dry, it is susceptible to odors, so when you feel like your mouth is getting 'tight', grab your bottle!

On the flip side , your client may be the one who's breath is not the best and it will be a challenge for you. I consulted with a few of my makeup friends and we all agreed that before makeup application, offer your clients mints. Simply pop some in your mouth and offer them right after and it doesnt matter if they need it or not.

Make it part of your client makeup routine.

Messiah Mints

My hope is that none of you get caught up in your feelings about this post. The caption is more or less click bait and of you are not Trini and dont know what Im referring to, CLICK HERE
With learning comes experience and probably someone in the past may have had a bad experience with me (I really hope to God not...). However, I hope this post was able to help you guys out.

Comment below if it did!

XOXO Shaina

Header Photo: Photo by Goby on Unsplash


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