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Never ending stress in November | A Message to the lost

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Never ending stress in November | A Message to the lost

Caribbean Spyce is a proud alumni of Hillview College and graduated Bsc Psychology, First Class Honours, UWI, St. Augustine. A member of honours society, Psi Chi.
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Being a young adult sometimes sucks.

Social media is filled with images of people similar to us, sometimes close to us who are succeeding and seem to have it together.

They have a business. They’re an influencer. They’re in a “couple goals” relationship.

And then there are some of us who are struggling to even secure our footing.

Here is your reminder that THAT IS OK.

Yes, some people do have security by 19, 20...25. But that is their journey. Take your time with YOUR journey.

Be authentic.

Try. Fail. Cry. Recover. Try a new perspective or strategy. Grow.

You will eventually find your personal algorithm and abundance will come.

And for my persons of Faith, trust your God. He/She has a plan for you. Stop leaning on yourself. Your God has your back.


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