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Three easy Holiday hairstyles under five minutes!

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Three easy Holiday hairstyles under five minutes!

Hello lovelies. With the holiday season approaching I would love to share three cute, quick and easy hairstyles you can do under five minutes that will be great for any occasion. Hope you all enjoy!

Makita Barrett

Hairstyle 1 - Rough bun with faux bangs.

Step 1:
Gather all your hair at the top of your head and secure it with a hair tie.

Step 2:
Separate the curls you want for your bangs and form your bun as you desire

**Step 3: **
Next, add a head band. This ties the look together and gives the appearance of real bangs.

Step 4:
Fluff and separate the curls forming the bangs to frame your face.

And voila!!

Hairstyle 2

Step 1:
Part your hair where you desire. And section off each side.

Step 2:
Braid each side.

Step 3:
Next, using a hair pin or rubber band secure the two braids at the back of your head. Then let your hair fall. Fluff as desired.

Step 4:
Can’t forget the baby hair. Lay those edges! (Optional)

Step 5:
To add more pizazz to the look you can add some hair jewels or flowers to your style and your style is complete!

Hairstyle 3 - A cute ponytail

Step 1:
Continuing from the hairstyle above gather all of your hair into a low pony.

Step 2:
Secure with a hair tie and taadaa!! A cute, quick, curly ponytail!

Look at that! Now you have some easy hairstyles to look fabulous for that office christmas dinner or luncheon.


I’m Makita Barrett, hair care enthusiast.
I started my hair care journey 3 years ago when I badly damaged my hair with relaxer and hair dye, to the extent where it was falling out by just touching it.
I wanted to bring my hair back without a big chop. With many trial and errors, time and patience I was able to save my curls. Now I want to share with everyone how to care and love every strand of their beautiful curls.

Fore more on my curly tresses, check out my social links!
Facebook: Makita Barrett
Instagram: @kitsxo

Shaina Brown

Shaina Brown

Shaina Brown is a Caribbean woman from the Island of Trinidad and Tobago. She is a beauty writer, advisor and Makeup Artist on a mission to help the average woman not be the 'typical woman'.

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